Brazen Impudence When Manifesting: What It Is, And Why It’s Important

In this article, we will look at “Brazen Impudence,” which is a term developed by Neville Goddard. We will look at what it means, why it’s so important for manifesting, and how you can incorporate this attitude.

First, what did Neville Goddard mean by “Brazen Impudence?”

“Brazen impudence,” according to Neville Goddard, means not taking “No” for an answer when manifesting something. It means boldly persisting in your desire with faith that it will be accomplished without letting any hindrances deter you.

Brazen impudence is an attitude of mind. You need to have strong faith in the reality of your imagination and that it will bring the desired result. This unwavering belief in the manifestation process is what Neville considered to be the key to making it work.

What Is Brazen Impudence

Brazen means boldness. Impudence means a to disregard others/other things. In this case, a disregard for thoughts and ideas that oppose your desire.

When you have an attitude of Brazen Impudence, it means that you do not take “no” for an answer. Whatever may happen in the outer world, or whatever doubt may spring into your mind, it will not deter you. You boldly assert that your desire is already yours.

Can you keep stand the test and be faithful to your imagination? Or will you let circumstances dictate what you can and can’t manifest?

When you have Brazen Impudence, you don’t timidly ask for your desire in the hope that it will come to you. Instead, you strongly and recklessly assert that the desire is already yours. You are not a cork in the ocean but rather a ship with a strong rudder.

Brazen Impudence is unrelenting. You stick with your desire. You keep imagining it with a bold assurance that it must come to pass in the outer world.

When you begin manifesting a desire, doubts will arise. Your mind will say, “this can’t possibly happen,” “This is too hard,” “is this working?” “am I doing it correctly?” and so on. Brazen impudence is just doing it with a disregard for these kinds of doubts. If you truly believe that it’s working, then it’s working.

The “law” behind manifesting is this: the without is a manifestation of the within. Or, put in other words, the physical world is a manifestation of Consciousness. For that reason, whatever that may seem to block you circumstances DO NOT dictate what you are able to manifest. Imagination is the cause of circumstances, not the other way around.

This is the understanding that leads a person to have Brazen Impudence. If the cause is within, it doesn’t make sense to give power to the without.

Once you know by experience that manifesting is real, having an attitude of brazen impudence becomes a lot easier. Once you have seen manifestation work, it will be easier to believe in your own abilities.

Why You Need to Have Brazen Impudence When Manifesting

Brazen Impudence really is the difference between successful manifestation and failure.

If you constantly think, “is it working” or “am I doing it correctly?” then this will manifest itself in the form of mixed results. But if you have Brazen Impudence and boldly assert that it is working and that you are doing it correctly, then it will actually work.

Impressing an idea on the subconscious mind is better done with a confident, bold, and strong attitude.

Boldly asserting your desired outcome is a necessary step, yet, many people end up merely begging for their desire in the dim hope that it will somehow be given to them.

EVERY TIME I have successfully manifested a big goal, it has been by confidently imagining my desire (mainly through either visualization or affirmations) without overthinking it.

To manifest something, you cannot give up once a little bit of opposition comes your way. When you begin to dwell in doubt and worry, you are effectively implanting ideas that work against your desire. As you give more power to opposing ideas, you will kill off your desire, and it will not manifest. It’s like watering the weeds rather than the plant.

Brazen impudence means not doing this. When the circumstances seem to say “no,” you keep persisting.

How To Use Brazen Impudence When Manifesting

Having Brazen Impudence is simple but not easy.

Imagination is the hidden power that shapes our reality, as Neville stated many times. So, to manifest something, no matter what it is, you need to imagine it.

This is the method Neville Goddard most often used for doing this:

First, construct a mental scene implying your desire has been achieved.

Then, go into a meditative state of consciousness, and imagine that you actually ARE in the scene as if it were really happening.

Do not overthink it; boldly and “brazenly” imagine your scene without worrying about whether or not you’re doing it correctly. You can mentally “readjust” things, but don’t let yourself constantly worry about doing it correctly.

This in itself is enough to cause the desire to manifest. But in most cases, you will need to keep the desire “alive” while it manifests. It’s almost like it will grow into existence like a seed.

To keep the desire “alive,” you also need Brazen Impudence. Do not let anything knock you off course. Understand that your job is to do the imagining; the power will manifest the desire by its own means.

When something negative happens, remember that the power comes from within and that letting yourself be controlled by events in the outer world is wrong. Disregard whatever it may be that causes you to doubt, and tell yourself that it is working.

Is Brazen Impudence The Same As Denial?

Depending on how you use the two terms, they may mean the same thing to you.

However, I would say that brazen impudence is more like persistence with honesty and a strong attitude.

Denial is trying to delude yourself that something is a certain way when it clearly is not.

Let’s say you are still unsure whether manifesting is real or not. In this case, you do not really know whether it’s true or not. To have Brazen Impudence does not mean you have to lie to yourself and force yourself to believe it. You can think of it as testing manifesting to give it a serious go. But, to give it a serious go, you obviously need to go all in. Else, you wouldn’t really be testing it.

The main premise in manifesting is as within, so without. It logically follows from this premise that you cannot let the effect dictate the cause.

I hope you get the difference. If you’re brazenly impudent, you are simply following the rules of manifestation. Since the outer world is a manifestation of the inner world, circumstances do not dictate what you can manifest, and the within is the only thing that can give you reassurance.


In short, if you have Brazen Impudence, you will impress the desire more strongly on the subconscious mind. It is also what allows you to keep faith during the manifestation process.

When manifesting, you will naturally doubt things such as whether it’s really working, whether you’re doing it correctly, etc. Brazen Impudence means to disregard these doubts and to assert that you are doing it correctly. Brazen impudence comes from understanding doubts will manifest as opposition to your desire and, therefore, not falling into the trap of doing so.

You need Brazen Impudence to plant the seed and to keep the seed alive while it grows.

Remember, the key is to put this into practice. Try it until it works. You might not get any good results in the beginning. But if you stay with it, it will eventually work. Put your attention on imagination. It is the way to manifest your desires. Disregard the circumstances and let them take care of themselves.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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