Can You Manifest For Someone Else?

When you think of manifesting, you most likely think of what’s in it for you – how do I manifest MY desires? It is, however, also possible to manifest for others. Just like you can improve your own life, you can also improve the life of a loved one.

In fact, manifesting for others is actually a lot easier and, therefore, a great way to train your manifesting ability. If you’re struggling to manifest something for yourself, try manifesting something for another!

In this article, we will look at why manifesting for others is possible, why it’s easier than manifesting for yourself, and then I will explain how to do it.

Why It’s Possible To Manifest For Someone Else

Manifesting for others is possible, and you can easily prove it by simply trying it.

A common argument AGAINST manifesting for others is that we are impeding on their free will; you are causing them to do things that they may not otherwise have done. As a counter-argument, I will say this: When you manifest something for yourself, you are ALREADY affecting other people whether you choose to or not. The series of events leading you from where you are to your desired outcome almost always include other people acting differently; YOU caused them to act differently.

Let’s say you wanted to have a better social life. Manifesting this, you are not only influencing your own behavior but are also causing others to literally become more friendly toward you.

Fundamentally we are all the same being, and, therefore, all deeply connected. When you tap into the subconscious mind you are influencing everyone and everything, not just the individual you.

How Do You Manifest For Someone Else

Manifesting for others is basically the same process as manifesting yourself. Most of the time, manifesting for others is actually much easier and faster.

Here is an effective method you can use:

1: Choose the thing you want to be manifested for the person (or people) in question. Make sure that it’s also something the person would want, not just something you want for them.

2: Make up a few imaginary scenes and statements that imply the accomplishment of the desire. Let’s say you have a friend called Joe, and Joe really wants to have a girlfriend. An example of a good scene to use could be Joe telling you how happy he is now that he has a girlfriend.

Affirmations are also really useful. Say affirmations that are in line with the desire, like “Joe has a girlfriend.”

3: Close your eyes and go into a relaxed state of consciousness. Do not rush this step. The deeper you go, the more in touch you get with your subconscious mind. If you don’t feel like you can meditate (which you can), simply just close your eyes, relax your mind, and turn your attention to the within. You don’t HAVE to go into a deep state of consciousness to manifest, but it is a lot more effective.

When you are in a relaxed state of consciousness, you are ready to imagine the desire.

4: Then, begin imagining the desire for the other person. Imagine your scene(s) as if you were viewing it from your own eyes. Try and feel the reality of the whole thing, like you are actually going to a real “place.” Actually, see the environment of the scene sorround you. Bring all your senses into it. The clarity or coherence of your mental picture is not important. The important thing is to be there.

Imagining a desire in this manner is really powerful. I talk extensively about how to do this both in my article on Neville Goddard’s “SATS Technique” and in my article on visualization.

Also, say affirmations that imply the accomplishment of the goal, e.g., “Joe has a girlfriend,” “I am so happy for Joe,” etc.

The only difference when manifesting for someone else is that your focus is on someone else’s desire. It’s that simple.

Benefits (For You) Of Manifesting For Someone Else

Manifesting good things for others not only benefits them, but it will also benefit you. In fact, it will probably benefit you a lot more.

Manifesting is a skill that needs development. Whether or not you manifest for yourself or for someone else, you are improving your ability to use this power. The more you do it, the better you will become at it, regardless of whether the desired outcome is intended for you or for someone else.

Manifesting for someone else is generally a lot easier than manifesting for yourself due to there not being as many emotional blockages. This means that you can gain trust and confidence in manifesting a lot faster by manifesting for someone else, making it easier for you to manifest your own desires in the future.

Also, when you are consciously manifesting something desirable for someone else, you cannot help but develop a good state of consciousness within yourself. This is a necessity for producing any good at all. Although the goodness was intended for another, good things will also flow to you as you are now employing a new, higher state of consciousness.

Why It’s Easier To Manifest For Someone Else Than For Yourself

I have had many instances where manifesting good things for other people was easier than doing it for myself (particularly in the beginning), and there are a few reasons why.

First of all, most people tend to be more emotional and controlling when manifesting for themselves than when manifesting for others. When it’s not our own outcome at stake, we don’t get as worried or overthink things as much. We’re usually not as emotionally invested in the outcome, so there’s less anxiety and pressure involved.

Also, we have a lot more limiting beliefs regarding ourselves.

Beliefs mainly come from your interpretation of your experiences in life. You may not feel that you “deserve” certain things or that the desire “is not meant for you.” When we’re manifesting for someone else, there aren’t as many emotionally charged beliefs like that blocking our way and messing things up.

These things make manifesting for others an easier and faster process than manifesting for ourselves.

Is Manifesting For Others Bad

Manifesting good things for others is a very good and noble thing to do. What is meant by good in this instance is what the person you are manifesting for would actually want rather than what YOU believe he or she should have.

By manifesting for others in this way, you are, therefore, only helping them in the direction that they already want to go. You do not decide what they should be like; you are only helping them become what THEY truly want to be. If you feel that the person is going down a path that you believe they will eventually regret, manifest something like clarity or love for them instead of forcing them to turn around.

The only bad thing you can do is manifest something for the person that the person does not want, whether or not you believe it to be good or bad. I cannot answer this from personal experience, but my guess is you are creating a vindictive state of consciousness within yourself, which resultingly causes bad things to come your way too.

However, I am not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, only that you have the potential to do it. I will, however, always advise you to follow the golden rule, which is to “do for others what you would want them to do for you.”


Manifesting for others is indeed possible and is actually easier than manifesting for yourself.

Manifesting for others will also benefit you since you are only becoming better and manifesting, and because you are creating a new, better state of consciousness within yourself, which consequently will also attract new and better things into your life too.

Manifesting for someone else is the same process by which you manifest for yourself. To do this, I advise you to go into a relaxed state of consciousness and imagine the good fortune you want to be created for the person you have in mind.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!


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