Divine Timing Explained: What It Means & How To Speed It Up

In this article, we’ll look at divine timing and what it really means when we’re trying to make things happen. Is it all set by the universe, or can we actually speed our manifestations up? Let’s find out.

What Is Divine Timing

Divine timing is the idea that things happen at the right time because the universe or a higher power has a plan. It means that things fall into place not just because of what we do, but because there’s a bigger plan at work.

Divine timing results from thefact that the “when” of a particular manifestation is in the hands of the subconscious mind, the “universe,” God, or whatever term you may use to describe the power.

At its core, divine timing suggests that each manifestation occurs at a predetermined, perfect time; that there’s a perfect, “divinely orchestrated” time for everything to happen in our lives, from small events to significant milestones and achievements. It’s like there is a plan or a timeline from which everything flows.

Some interpret divine timing as an indication that the “when” of our manifestation process is completely out of our control and that it’s up to the divine power whether it takes a few days or ten years.

However, as we’ll explore in this article, this interpretation of divine timing doesn’t give the full picture. While it’s true that manifestations have an inherent built-in timeline or plan, it doesn’t mean we’re entirely powerless in influencing that plan – it’s only that we do not consciously construct the particular timeline or plan ourselves.

How Divine Timing Works – The “Plan”

For this, I want to divide reality into two ways; the absolute and the manifested. The manifested is the world of time, space, objects, emotions, and thoughts that you experience. Absolute reality is the first cause, the hidden power within you, responsive to your thoughts and completely anterior to any notions of space and time.

When you manifest something, you are working from the absolute to the manifested. For example, if you want “wealth,” you need to implant this idea in the absolute. The absolute will then project that idea in your external life. The key thing to remember is that the absolute builds the idea by an intelligence independent of yours, and inherent in this idea is the “how” and “when.”

From your individual perspective, all this is unknown to you. It’s not the “little you” that is doing the constructing. But, as you go through your life, you will encounter events and go through a time interval leading you to the end manifestation. The idea held in the absolute appeared to you in manifested form, similar to how the world you see on your screen when playing a video game is nothing but a manifestation of electrical signals and hardware.

This manifestation of the “how” and “when” is what makes it look like there is a divine plan or divine timing. Things manifest perfectly according to the plan inherent in the idea held in the absolute. Luckily, we are not powerless in changing that plan to speed up the manifestation.

The “When” Is Not Out Of Your Control

It’s a mistake to think that just because the “when” is created by the subconscious, you have no power to influence it.

If this was the case, every time you wanted to manifest something, you wouldn’t know if it were to take a hundred years or a few days.

In the same way that we can choose what idea (as in do we want wealth, happiness, a particular job, a house, etc.) the subconscious is to construct, we can also influence the predetermined “plan” or “timeline” and make the subconscious produce another plan in which our desire appears faster. We will look at how to do this in the next section.

Influencing The “When” — Speeding Up Your Manifestation

Let’s now look at how to speed up a manifestation. Divine timing is an appearance stemming from the absolute manifesting itself in the space and time world. It’s not about predetermined fate or a perfect time for your manifestation; it’s a result of the inbuilt plan in the seed!

Remember, the “when” is already embedded in the idea created by the subconscious. In a sense, you want to make it create a new “when.”

Here are three things you can focus on to speed up the manifestation.

1. Limiting beliefs

This is the most important one. Think of your subconscious as holding a network of intertwined ideas, with each idea affecting the other.

Take, for example, beliefs like “Success is hard” or “I am a loser.”

These limiting beliefs will negatively influence any goal you may want to manifest. If you want “financial freedom,” the “when” and the “how” is going to take a hit.

If these kind of beliefs weren’t that strong, then the manifestation of something you want would come quickly and without too much hassle.

If you held the belief that “Success is hard” and you wanted financial freedom, then the “when” would be slower, and the “how” would be tougher.

This is why people who have always believed that “Getting money is easy,” experience all sorts opportunities to get money, and they have no clue why others seem to struggle so much.

So, to speed up a manifestation, start working on your limiting beliefs. If you want to manifest something that has to do with money, check yourself for what money beliefs you have, as well as more general beliefs, such as “I am a loser.” These are negative influences on the “when” and the “how” of your manifestations.

I talk more about limiting beliefs in this article.

2. Meditation

For some magical reason, meditation just seems to help with everything. Any form of meditation will do wonders for manifesting. Not only does it help you observe the world within is that many never really get to experience in any significant degree, but it also gets you more in touch with the subconscious.

When in meditation, things such as visualization, affirmations, and feeling become more potent. This is a great method by which you can strengthen the hold of the desire in the subconscious.

You can think of it as giving more “growing power” to a seed. As you successfully visualize, for example, you give more energy to the idea in the subconscious, which somehow seems to improve both the “how” and the “when” meaning it will speed up the manifestation.

3. Stop Thinking About Circumstances

Your current circumstances may not be favorable to your desire, and at times, it may even seem that there’s no path forward.

When manifesting, remember that you are working with a power that produces new conditions. For that reason, you cannot judge from the current conditions as they will simply be replaced by new ones.

When you think, “I can’t do this,” because a particular thing gets in the way, you are, in turn, taking power away from the desire and giving it to the limiting circumstances, perpetuating the old pattern again.

So, try not to be so emotional about your circumstances (which is easier said than done). Stop taking them so seriously. If you can stand back and just let things happen without you getting angry or discouraged, then the “when” and the “how.” will be less restricted.

If you’re interested, I talk more about the role of circumstances in this article.

Final Thoughts

While divine timing may seem like fate or destiny, it’s actually about how the idea in the absolute, manifests itself as events in time in your manifested world. Yes, the subconscious does have its inherent timeline when it comes to manifestation, but this doesn’t leave you powerless.

Divine timing isn’t about fate. If the idea was changed, then fate would change. Because the idea has an inbuilt plan or timeline, the manifested events feels like they happen perfectly at just the right time. You can positively influence this timeline by working on your limiting beliefs, strengthening the desire in the subconscious, and taking your focus away from the limitations of your circumstances.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!


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