Let Go (Manifesting): Why and How To Do It

Have you ever heard someone say you need to “let go” when manifesting? It can be a confusing concept. Does letting go mean giving up entirely? And how are you supposed to be “persistent” if you’re also supposed to “let go?” These are all valid questions that I once asked myself too.

But let me tell you, letting go really is the key. To me it means allowing the power to do what it needs to in order to bring your desire into reality without getting in your own by trying to dictate everything, as this will only slow down the manifestation process. If you don’t let go, you are effectively getting in your own way.

When we have a deep desire for something, it’s very easy to become fixated on it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of worrying, doubting, and constantly looking for “movement” or progress in the external world.

If you’re struggling with letting go, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive deeper into what letting go really means and why it’s the key to manifesting.

What Does It Mean to Let Go When Manifesting?

“Letting go” really means letting go of control, impressing the subconscious mind, and then letting it do the necessary work for the creation of your desire. By understanding that the subconscious mind does the work and not the individual mind, you will begin to see the importance of letting go.

Let me give you an illustration with a seed. Imagine that you want to plant something. First, you would choose a seed that will grow into the desired plant.

Then you would drop the seed into the ground and wait.

After you’ve dropped the seed, the only thing you can do is water the seed and care for it. You cannot force the seed to grow – it grows by its own process. You would not come back a day after dropping the seed and get angry when nothing has happened. Instead, you give the seed time to grow. You also wouldn’t be surprised if the seed dies due to the fact that you never water it.

This analogy maps on to manifestation surprisingly well. When you want to manifest a certain goal, the only power you have is choosing the seed (getting clear on what you want), planting the seed (impressing it on the subconscious mind, and watering it (regularly imagining it as an already accomplished fact). That actual manifesting is done by a power greater than you.

You cannot force your desire to manifest. For example, you may have heard that “the means” or the “how” is not up to you. In other words, you do not decide the events that lead to the achievement of your desire. This is an inherent part of the “seed.” Sure, you may be able to influence this, but it is ultimately done without you having to do anything.

So, try and realize that the “growing” is done by the subconscious mind, and we have to let it do what it needs to do without hindering it, micro-managing it, or giving it a hundred counter-suggestions to it due to our own doubts and worries.

Is Letting Go Important In Manifesting?

If you do not let go, the desire cannot manifest, as you will simply put up too much resistance.

Constantly obsessing about whether or not it’s working, obsessively looking for progress in the external world, etc., comes from a state of lack. The more you dwell on “lack,” the more this will be impressed on the subconscious mind. And if it is stronger than the seed of your desire, it will simply slow down or kill off the manifestation.

For example, if you want to manifest more money and you solely rely on the external world for validation of your progress, you will naturally begin to doubt and worry when nothing seems to happen. The more you dwell on this, the more opposition you create for your desire.

If you do not let go, you are not putting things in their natural order. If you do not yield to the subconscious mind, you have no option but to try and “force” things to appear through the surface part of your mind, which is a completely fruitless and exhausting endeavor.

Being Attached The Outcome

Generally speaking, the more attached you are to a desire, the harder it is to let go. Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t manifest something you have a lot of emotional attachment to, but it’s simply going to be harder.

As said before, the only thing we can do is to impress the subconscious mind and then let it do its work without falling into discouragement and unbelief.

The more attached you are, the more prone you will be to rely on the external circumstances. The cause is within, and you, therefore, cannot let the ups and down in the outer world dictate the cause within you.

When you are manifesting something, do your best to rely on the within. Remind yourself that the external conditions of your life are projections of your consciousness.

Being too attached also means that you are more prone to second-guessing and doubting yourself. If you constantly worry about “am I doing this correctly,” this will also influence your subconscious mind in the wrong direction.

Why is It So Hard to Let Go?

The reason letting go is so hard is that we’re dealing with the invisible side of things and because we’re not used to doing so.

You can’t just turn on a mental switch and suddenly believe that you can manifest your wildest dreams when it goes contrary to everything you’ve ever heard. This is why I recommend you start by observing the things that happen in your life and try to pair them with your beliefs and your mental activity. Doing this will definitely lead you to see some weird synchronicities.

The more belief you have in manifesting, the easier it is to let go. It’s easier to trust the subconscious mind when we have already seen it produce results. Getting real success makes it easier, but until that, you simply have to remind yourself of the importance of letting go and of not falling into obsessive control and overthinking.

Can You Only Imagine Once In Order To Let Go?

For some reason, some people believe that you can only imagine (i.e., visualize, affirm, etc.) your desire one time, or else you’re not letting go.

As we have already discussed, letting go means letting the power do the work. There is nothing wrong with imagining the idea again and again. In fact, this will only strengthen it.

It is true that you can manifest something by simply imagining it once, but the more reliable method is to imagine on a consistent basis. Manifesting works by changing your belief system, and it is only people who already have strong beliefs surrounding manifesting and their ability to achieve “big goals” that occasionally experience that their desire comes after imagining it once.


Letting go means letting the subconscious mind do the work. Remember, you can only impress the subconscious mind with ideas in order to change circumstances. It doesn’t matter how much you kick and scream or how much willpower you use; if this is not done, your desire cannot materialize.

Do not get in your own way by trying to force circumstances into something they are not. This will only lead you into doubt and worry, which will slow down or even completely stop your desire from manifesting.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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