Inner Conversation when Manifesting (Neville Goddard)

Do you ever catch yourself talking to yourself inside your head? You know, those little conversations you have with yourself that nobody else can hear? Well, those are your inner conversations, and they play a massive role in shaping your beliefs and ultimately, the outcomes you manifest in your life.

Inner conversations or inner speech refer to any sort of “dialogue” you have mentally, whether it be talking to yourself, mental arguments with others, etc.

It’s easy to get caught up in negative self-talk, but constantly feeding your mind with negative thoughts will inevitably lead to the manifestation of negative results. This is something Neville Goddard often talked about.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the importance of controlling our inner conversations. We will look at the role your inner conversations have in manifesting, how to become aware of them, and how to use constructive inner conversations for the purpose of manifesting greater things.

What Are Inner Conversations According to Neville Goddard

Inner conversations refer to all types of internal dialogue. It can be mental conversations with another person or with yourself. If you observe your mind at random times throughout the day, you will begin to get a good idea of what kind of mental chatter is happening inside you.

Your current inner conversations and self-talk spring from your current beliefs and assumptions, and they are oftentimes quite limiting.

Not changing your inner conversations reinforces your current beliefs making them stronger. For example, if you have a belief that no one will ever love you, you will probably have inner conversations about how unlovable you are, how love is hard to find, how there are always “better options” than you, and so on. This will reinforce the old belief and will continually manifest as corresponding results in the external world.

Neville Goddard said, “this whole vast world is but “frozen” inner speech. What are we saying on the inside?” Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you want to manifest something new, you have to consciously choose to change your inner speech. This develops new beliefs in your mind, which will automatically manifest new results.

Why Controlling Your Inner Conversations Is Important

In the context of manifesting, inner conversations influence what you believe and what manifestations occur. There are so many people who miss this and then wonder why things aren’t going their way. No matter how hard you try to manifest something if your inner speech constantly negates it by impressing ideas of an opposite kind, then your manifestation cannot occur.

Likewise, if you begin to direct your inner speech to be congruent with what you want to manifest, your belief system will gradually begin to change, allowing your desire to appear.

A lot of people manifest by using a certain “manifesting technique,” such as visualizing. The problem is, they forget that it’s the overall state of consciousness that manifests, not just certain visualization sessions they may have had. They then let their mind run wild with doubts such as “this will never work,” “I never get what I want,” etc. This blocks all the constructive work they did while visualizing.

Neville Goddard talked about having a “Mental Diet.” This is where you align all your mental activity to be constructive toward your desire. I have an article on how to develop a Mental Diet, which is very relevant to this one.

I also highly recommend the lecture “Control Your Inner Conversation” by Neville Goddard, 1971.

Listening to Your Inner Conversations

There are two main benefits of being aware of your Inner Conversation (at least within manifesting)

First of all, listening to what goes on within reveals what you truly believe. By being aware of all your mental activity, you can discern you’re underlying beliefs.

If you believe that you are “unworthy,” you can discover this by observing your inner conversations. For example, you may catch yourself “bigging yourself up” by mentally degrading others.

Secondly, it’s a lot easier to change your inner conversations if you already know what pattern they follow.

Simply try and observe your mind at random times throughout the day, and catch the mental dialogue that is currently running through your mind. Analyze it. Take a step back and look at it from a third-person perspective, separating it from you. Ask yourself, will this help me manifest what I want, or is it keeping me stuck where I am?

How To Change Your Inner Conversations

This is how to begin altering your inner conversations. This is not really a step-by-step guide, it’s more a list different things that you need to do habitually.

1: Become aware of your habitual inner conversations: Pay attention to the ongoing dialogue that you have with yourself. What is the main topic? Is it love, money, health? Is it often the same?

2: Analyze your inner conversations. When you first begin manifesting a desire, it is almost a hundred percent certain that you will have a lot of doubt and worry.

If you’re a beginner, not only have you never manifested something before but you are also trying to achieve results that go beyond your past experience.

When you catch yourself saying, “this won’t work,” scrutinize this statement. “Why do I believe this to be the case?” You will almost find that the underlying cause is that you do not believe you have the ability to manifest or that the desire you have is “too big” for you to reach.

3: Make your inner conversations constructive. I don’t want you to fall into the trap of forcing yourself to be positive and happy all the time, hence why I say “constructive” instead of “positive.”

You don’t need to lie to yourself; often times it’s enough just to be open to the possibility that you can manifest your desire. From there, you can choose to believe; to decide that you will tell your mind that you can do it.

Your belief system is prone to suggestion. If you keep telling yourself that you can do it (as long as you don’t feel like you are deluding yourself) then you will become able to do it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a decent idea of what inner conversations are and why it’s important to keep them in check. Changing your inner conversations to be constructive will develop new beliefs, and this will cause new and better manifestations to occur in your life. Do not make the mistake of disregarding your inner conversations. It’s overlooked, but it’s very important.

I hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading!


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