How To Live In The End: Ultimate Guide (Neville Goddard)

In this article, we will explore what “living in the end” means and what why it matters in manifestation.

In short, living in the end basically means using your imagination to go to the end state of the desire you want manifested. If you want to be rich, dwell in the state of already being rich – of already possessing your desire. This imaginal act will cause the creative power within you to manifest the particular desire in your reality.

Living in the end is the key to being successful with manifestation. Later on, I will explain how I live the end myself and give you some methods and instructions for how you can do it yourself. So, let’s dive in!

What Does Living In The End Mean?

Living in the end is a manifestation method by Neville Goddard. Living in the end means adopting the same state of consciousness you would have, had your desire been accomplished. Ask yourself: what would the feeling be like if I already had my desire? Permeate your consciousness with this state, and you’re now living in the end.

In my view, there are two steps for manifesting by living in the end:

  1. Imagining that your desire has been accomplished. Here you are dwelling in the end state, embodying the feeling you would have had your desire been accomplished.
  2. Believing in your imagination. In Neville’s terminology, the imagination is the creative power of God. Once you have imagined your desire as an accomplished fact you must have faith that it will manifest.

Later, I’ll show you how I do it myself, and I will also back it up with some quotes from Neville.

Why Living In The End Works

I always like to think of things in terms of the conscious and the subconscious mind. This is due to the fact that the biggest cause of failure is in trying to use the conscious mind and intellect to do the work of the deeper, creative intelligence inherent within you. Neville often called this deeper power imagination.

By assuming the feeling you would have had your desire been accomplished, you are impressing the end goal on your subconscious, which, in turn, produces that result in outward manifestation.

You are simply to convey the end goal to your subconscious without worrying about how it will happen. The subconscious will automatically find the best means necessary and lead you step-by-step to the realization of your goal. You don’t need to mess around with the middle, or accomplish one goal before you can move on to the next. Simply go to the end, and the subconscious will fill in the gaps.

A Big Misconception About Living In The End

In my personal experience, you do not have to live in the end when you are no longer doing your imaginal act, or in trying to impress the subconscious.

You don’t have to run around trying to feel as if you already have achieved your desire when your outside world clearly shows you that you’re wrong. If you constantly try to think and feel that “I am rich, I am rich, I am rich…” while the barriers of your conscious are active, you won’t be able to embody the state without a bunch of doubts and contrary feelings arising, which will only impress the opposite idea on the subconscious.

Instead, I only live in the end when I go into a meditative/trance-like state of consciousness. Here, the subconscious has risen to the surface, the critical factors are lessened, and I can successfully embody the end state and assume the feeling I would have had my desire been accomplished.

How I Personally Live In The End When Manifesting

So, we’ve now looked at what it means to live in the end. Let me now explain to you how I do it. I have two techniques for you.

As a side note, I strongly recommend you check out my article called “Neville Goddard: How to Manifest” after you’ve read this one. It elaborates more on principles of how to manifest something and on  putting them into practice to successfully get the results that you desire.

Technique 1: (The SATS technique)

  1. First, I go into a meditative state of consciousness. It’s basically a self induced trance state like in hypnosis. Don’t try too hard at this. What you want is to let the subconscious rise to the surfacece, and if you try too hard, you are reawakening the barriers of your conscious mind.
  2. Once I’m in this trance-state I start living in the end. I imagine a scene implying my desire has ALREADY been accomplished. It shouldn’t be WHILE the desire is being accomplished or BEFORE, but AFTER. That way, you are manifesting the desire without trying to meddling with how it will happen. I create a scene in my mind that represents my wish fulfilled. This scene is usually not long or complicated; it’s something simple that implies the desire has already been accomplished. For instance, if I want a new job, I might visualize myself shaking hands with my new boss, hearing their words of congratulations, or seeing a congratulatory email on my screen.
  3. 3. Next, I feel the relevant emotions, and I try to really immerse myself in the scene. How would I feel knowing my desire is already a reality? Ecstatic? Grateful? Relieved? Emotions have a catalyzing effect on the idea I want to impress.  I try and permeate my consciousness with this scene without letting my mind dwell on other contrary thoughts or ideas. I let this feeling wash over me, immersing myself completely in the state of the end result.

This is Neville Goddard SATS technique which I talk more about in this article. A key component of SATS is that you are dwelling in the end state – of your desire ALREADY accomplished.

Technique 2: (Affirmations)

Living in the end is about dwelling in the end state of your desire. This can also be done through affirmations. I do it like this:

  1. In the same way as before, I go into a meditative state of consciousness.
  2. Then, once I am in this state I begin repeating affirmations that imply my desire has already been accomplished. For example, if my goal is to experience great health, my affirmation might be, “I am now perfectly healthy” or something like that.
  3. I try and focus on this state, letting it permeate my consciousness, but I do this without trying too hard. Effortlessness is key. I also try and feel the relevant emotions associated with the particular desire.

To live in the end, or to embody the end state, make sure that the state of consciousness is that it has ALREADY happened. If you hold the thought “I am already successful” the intermediary events leading up to the accomplishment will come on their own.

Also, if you want to learn more about how to do affirmations in a way that actually makes changes check out my article on affirmations and autosuggestion. In this article I explain the principles by which you can get an affirmation to sink into the subconscious, so that you don’t just mindlessly repeat sentences.

What To Do After?

Once you’ve awoken from your meditative state, you don’t need to live in the end anymore – you don’t need to hold the feeling of having accomplished desire. Trust that your imagination will bring it about.

You will need to do these sessions (where you go into meditation and then dwell in the end) consistently and repeatedly. Each session you strengthen the state, and it becomes more deeply planted in the subconscious.

Key points

Let me now quickly go over the key points of living in the end:

  1. “Living in the end” means imagining the end state of a desired outcome as if it’s already happened.
  2. To live in the end, adopt the consciousness of the desire already being fulfilled by assuming the feeling you would have had it been accomplished.
  3. Two main steps for manifesting by living in the end:
    1. Imagine your desire is already accomplished.
    2. Have faith in your imagination, which is seen as the creative power of God.
  4. Embodying the end state impresses the subconscious, which in turn manifests the desire.
  5. There’s no need to constantly feel as if you’ve achieved your desire; it’s more effective during a meditative state.
  6. Two techniques for “living in the end”:
    1. SATS technique:
      • Enter a meditative state.
      • Visualize a scene implying the desire is  ALREADY achieved.
      • Immerse  yourself in the scene.
    2. Affirmations:
      • Go into a meditative state.
      • Repeat affirmations implying the desire has  ALREADY been accomplished.
      • Permeate your mind with the idea implied by the affirmations.
  7. After meditating, trust in your imagination to manifest the desire.
  8. Consistent repeated practice of these sessions embeds the desired state into the subconscious.


Living in the end is about dwelling in the feeling you would have had your desire already been accomplished. This isn’t just about hoping or wishing; it’s about working with that inner creative force called imagination or the subconscious.

By delving deep into techniques like the SATS or using affirmations, we’re not just daydreaming – we’re setting the stage for our creative power to play its part.

As you consistently immerse in this state of being, remember that you’re not forcing outcomes, but simply allowing them to unfold as they should.

I strongly urge you to try this out. Pick a goal, even if it’s simple or vague, follow the practices laid out above, and stick with it, the same way you would stick with a workout routine. And remember to not use effort!

I really hope you found this article helpful! And as always, feel free to send any comments or feedback – did you like this article or should it be improved? I always love to hear from you!


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