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Welcome! Today we will explore Neville Goddard’s concept of living in the end. There are a lot of caveats that go unnoticed regarding this concept, which I will try and tackle in this article.

To successfully manifest a goal or desire, one must learn how to live in the end — this is essential! Now, a lot of people seem to struggle with this, so in the hope that it might shed light on your situation I want to share with you how I go about it myself.

The short answer is this: To “Live in the end” you must imagine and feel that your desire is now a reality. If you want to be rich, dwell in the feeling of already being rich. By doing this, the desire will begin to manifest externally.

Else, let’s dive in.

This concept is similar to Neville’s idea of “assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” Living in the end is done by assuming the wish fulfilled.

What Does Living In The End Mean?

Living in the end more or less means adopting the same state of consciousness you would have, had your desire been accomplished. Ask yourself: what would the feeling be like if I already had my desire? When you adopt this feeling, and let it permeate your mind, you are essentially living in the end.

To manifest you must, for one, 1) permeate your mind with the feeling of the wish fullfilled, and 2) believe that the thing felt will manifest, letting go of, and eradicating any doubts to the contrary.

As promised, I will show you exactly how I do this. But first, we must understand why this works.

Why Living In The End Works

To understand how to live in the end, we must first understand the relation between the conscious and the subconscious mind. At this point, many readers may feel the urge to skip this section as “not important,” or as a beginner-level concept, but I ask you not to do that. I mean it when I say it: forgetting this essential fact of the dual aspect of the mind will keep one operating under the wrong framework, and therefore yield no results!

So, when manifesting, many of us fall into the trap of overthinking, trying to micromanage things with the conscious mind. This is a huge mistake. The supreme fact to be remembered is that the bulk of the work is done totally subconsciously to our conscious awareness. Interference from the conscious mind only slows down or even completely halts the manifestation process.

The main job of the conscious mind is actually to cease control of the things it simply does not have the power to change. We see this in the person stuck in a cycle of a harmful or unwanted habit; it does not matter how hard he tries to stop as he is simply puppeteered by his imagining that he cannot do so. My lack of understanding of the controlling influence of the subconscious is what kept me stuck for a long time with manifestation — and in life in general.

The subconscious mind is an intelligence of its own, perfectly capable of undertaking any task given to it. Once it is given the end target it will orchestrate a series of events that lead to its accomplishment.

Let us tie this into the concept of living in the end. How does this relate? Well, we now see that it must work like this: By assuming the feeling you would have had your desire been accomplished, the subconscious responds by creating a corresponding state within itself. In my view, this is the exact same as what the hypnotists call suggestion or self-suggestion.

To make this more intelligible, let me provide you with an example. At the time manifestation finally clicked for me, I finally succeeded in manifesting “wealth.” I imagined that I was wealthy and dwelled in this state of mind with no concern to the fact that I was actually not wealthy at all. In this manner, I produced a self-suggestion; my desire transformed itself into a subconscious state and, resultingly, manifested a couple of months later in material form.

We now have the general gist of what living in the end means and how it works. But as you may know, if you have read some of my other articles, I am not big on paper theory alone. I want to explain the exact practical steps involved in this process.

A Big Misconception About Living In The End

Some feel that they must live in the end all the time, 24 hours a day. But luckily, this is not at all the case. If it was I would have never succeeded.

We only need to live in the end to the extent that a change is made in the subconscious mind. In principle, you could live in the end for only a few minutes, and if that had made a sufficiently deep impression on the subconscious results would be attained.

Living in the End Without Meditation

For those who a sufficiently able to ignore the outside reality, you can live in the end as often as you want, for as long as you want. I see no issue with this.

If, for instance, you want to manifest “wealth” and you are able to immerse yourself completely in the feeling of being wealthy while ignoring the contrary fact of the senses, by all means, live in the end as often as you want. In fact, there is good reason to believe that the more often you decide to live in the end the stronger the idea of wealth will carve itself into the subconscious. Neville himself emphasizes the importance of repetition and persistence.

Meditation and Living in the End

Now, not all of us are able to shut ourselves off from a gloomy circumstance at will. We can beneficially use meditation to our advantage.

In meditation, our senses are dialed down and our attention is turned from the many problems and concerns on the outside that so often impede us. From here, we can very easily feel ourselves into a new state of consciousness; we can easily immerse ourselves in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, without the opposing facts of external reality staring us in the face. We can now sit and dwell in this pleasurable feeling for a while, and as we do, the subconscious automatically rewrites itself in correspondence.

Once we return from meditation, though the “real world” tells us that our imagined state is not real, a change has been made within. We are changed beings, even if we do not feel it yet. The repeated practice of these sessions will only strengthen this new state of consciousness.

The Practical Steps: How to Live In The End

As alluded to just before, meditation can beneficially be used to live in the end. But the question begs, how exactly do we immerse ourselves in the state desired once we have entered meditation? How do we actually call up the feeling of already being what we want? I have two techniques that will help you do this:

Technique 1: (The SATS Technique)

This is Neville Goddard’s golden technique, the SATS technique. He talked about it time and again. Here is a quick rundown of it:

  1. Meditative state of consciousness: The first step is going into a relaxed mental state. Close your eyes, relax your body completely in a comfortable position.
  2. Visualize: Once in this trance-like state, imagine a “mental drama” that would take place were your desire now an accomplished fact. Taking the former example, if you want to be wealthy you could imagine traveling on vacation while feeling the lack of worry that comes with financial freedom.
  3. Living in the end: Concentrate completely on the imaginal act, and do not worry about “doing it correctly” or whether or not “it really works?” Lose yourself in this nice, pleasant, imagined scene. This will automatically put you in the right mental condition required.
  4. Keep looping it over and over for a while, and then awaken from your slumber.

Upon your return, even though you are met with “real life,” a change has still been made subconsciously, and through succeeding sessions, this change will only strengthen itself until a corresponding manifestation inevitably is produced.

Technique 2: (Affirmations)

A method for living in the end that both works in meditation and in a waking state of consciousness is affirmations.

  1. Autonomy: If you have time, first go into meditation. If you can shut out external facts, and immerse yourself in a feeling, while going about your daily life; do that (as long as you are not driving or doing an activity that requires your focus).
  2. Affirming: Repeat one or more affirmations that resonate with you. If you want wealth, affirm, “I am wealthy, I am wealthy, I am…” and so on.
  3. Living in the end: Similar to before, when you immerse yourself in the state of the thing imagined, you are living in the end. As you repeat “I am wealthy…,” let it hypnotize you, let it leash your attention so that it becomes the only thought in your mind. Feel the pleasantness of this sensation. Focus only on this state, so that there is no room for opposing thoughts or opposing impressions from external senses.

For those who want to learn more about affirmations, I currently have two articles on the subject:

Waiting For Your Manifestation

You should never force living in the end. Only do it either in meditation, or throughout the day when it feels natural. If you begin straining the law of reversed effort is set in motion, and you either stagnate or reverse your progress.

You will need to do these sessions or intervals of living in the end conscientiously on a consistent and regular basis. Each session you do strengthens the desired state. If there’s too long between sessions, the desired state might wither before it gets a chance to become a permanent state in the subconscious.

In due time, if you have really made a change in the state of consciousness, the external world, by law, must conform; results must appear. Things flow from within to without, that is the law of manifestation.


Living in the end is about dwelling in the feeling you would have had your desire already been accomplished. It is not hoping or wishing. It is way more focused than that.

Some of us can keep up this mental attitude while going about our day-to-day lives, whereas others benefit more by first going into meditation.

As you consistently live in the end, keep in mind that you’re not forcing an outcome. You are initiating a creative process from where results will flow on their own.

I strongly urge you to try this out. Pick a goal, even if it’s simple or vague, follow the practices laid out above, and stick with it the same way you would stick with a workout routine. Even if you fail, you will get insights. And through a repeated process of trial and error, of perhaps many discouraging failures, you will, before you know it, attain mastery over your life. This is the power of manifestation. Though some may see it as a trick, it is a far more personal journey where one must venture into the depths of their being.

I really hope you found this article helpful. As always, feel free to send any comments or feedback — did you like this article or should it be improved? I always love to hear from you! Thanks for reading.

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