Manifesting Small Things: Develop Your Manifesting Ability As A Beginner

In this article, we will look at how you can learn to manifest by first manifesting a bunch of small things.

Manifesting small things is done for the purpose of developing your manifesting ability, not to attain a specific desire.

This is based on how I got out of the phase where I couldn’t manifest anything at all to being able to manifest even my biggest goals.

Manifesting Small Things For Experimenting

Manifesting small things is about learning to manifest, not obtaining something you want.

Normally, most get into manifesting because they have a big goal or desire they want to achieve in their life. Many want relationships, to live in a new country, financial freedom, happiness, a better social life, just to name a few.

These are big things, they would be a big deal to you if achieved.

Before you start manifesting your big goals, I recommend you practice manifesting by first manifesting something small. Why? Because you will avoid all the emotional attachment and limiting beliefs you have regarding a big desire. Try and go with something that wouldn’t mean a great deal to you but, at the same time, will demonstrate the power of manifesting to you.

For example, you could try to manifest things like:

  • Seeing a man with red hair
  • Finding money on the ground
  • Seeing a pink car
  • Finding a four-clover leaf

Seeing a man with red hair, for example, very likely won’t be a life-changing experience for you.

But the fact that you consciously intended that to happen gives it value. It proves, or at least is evidence that you caused it to happen. If you can, by the use of your mind, cause a man with red hair to walk down the street, what else can you do?

This is why small things are a great way to test manifesting. The more manifestations you have under your belt, the greater your ability to do it becomes.

Why You Should Manifest Small Things As A Beginner

There are a few reasons why you should go for manifesting something small in the beginning, as opposed to a big desire.

1: It’s easier

Firstly, manifesting small things is generally a lot easier. For that reason, when you manifest something, even if it’s just a small event, you will gradually begin to think of manifesting as something real rather than a nice idea. The more you begin to believe in the power of manifesting, the greater your ability to do it will become.

Proving to yourself that manifesting is real by first seeing small manifestations will make it a lot easier to persist when you try and manifest some of your big desires.

Also, manifesting is very similar to any other skill. It simply just takes practice to consciously manifest.

By simply trying to manifest something, you’re developing your ability to do it. It’s like you are strengthening a mental muscle.

2: It Shows You How Things Manifest

When you manifest, you do not control what events will occur leading up to the intended outcome. The thing will manifest by a way of its own. Since manifesting small things is quicker and easier, you will see experience this in the real world. One thing is to know that this is the case, and another thing is to actually experience it.

3: You Can Manifest Multiple Things Faster

Again, remember that the purpose of doing this is to get as many manifestation successes under your belt.

Since you aren’t emotionally tied to a small event like seeing a pink car, you can easily make a list of a bunch of small things you want to see manifested.

So, if you’re trying to manifest seeing a pink car, but nothing seems to happen, you can very easily try and manifest another small event on top of that. In fact, doing multiple small manifestations is actually beneficial as it stops you from overthinking things.

I will explain how you can do that in more detail a bit later on.

Do I HAVE to Start With Small Manifestations?

It is not necessary to start small, but it is just easier if you’re struggling to manifest a big goal. In truth, it is only our own perceptions that make a goal big or small. Manifesting something big or small is the exact same process.

So, if you feel like it, you can definitely go with a big desire in the beginning.

The thing is, it can be hard to have your focus on ONE goal. Usually, our own mind is what gets in the way. If you overthink things, you are likely to create unnecessary obstacles and slow down the manifestation.

When you manifest something small, you can have your focus on many things, and you are, therefore, less likely to get in your own way.

Why Are Small Things (Usually) Easier to Manifest

Manifesting small things is usually a lot easier to manifest than big goals. There are a few reasons why.

Emotional attachment

Many people get into manifesting because they want to get into a relationship with someone, get out of financial problems, or change their life in some sort of significant way.

The common element in each is that it is something they have a lot of emotional attachment to.

While emotional attachment is not necessarily bad, it definitely does make it a lot harder to manifest.

For example, if you’re in a lot of debt and you’re struggling to get out to pay your monthly bills, suddenly receiving a big sum of money would be a very big deal.

In this case, if this person tried to manifest financial success, his emotional attachment would likely create a state of desperation, worry, or frustration. This hinders the manifestation or at least slows it down.

This is not to say that a person in this situation couldn’t manifest himself out of his situation, but it will be harder due to his own doubts coming in the way.

Over-reliance On Manifesting

If you put all your eggs into manifesting, you also risk creating a state of doubt, desperation, and frustration. Again, these are opposing ideas that stunt the specific goal we are manifesting.

If you don’t base your happiness in life on your ability to manifest, it’s easy to avoid this negative state.

It’s easier to go into manifestation with that attitude of testing it. By giving it a serious go, just for the sake of seeing what happens.

“Big” and “Small”

All of us would agree that manifesting a million dollars is “bigger” than manifesting seeing an old woman running (right?).

Since our beliefs manifest themselves in our life, the belief in “big” and “small” things naturally makes some desires harder to reach than others.

But, by getting a few successes with small things, you will naturally ask yourself: “if you could manifest this, why shouldn’t I be able to manifest that?” Since manifesting is always the same process, you will, by manifesting small things, begin to see that manifesting big things is just as easy and just as doable.

Manifesting Small Things Allows You To Focus On Many Things

As mentioned, another benefit of manifesting something small is that it’s easier to focus on multiple things.

If you focus on a single manifestation, whether big or small, you may end up creating obstacles for yourself. To manifest, you need to let go and let the power do the work. Overthinking things, in my experience, has always slowed things down.

So, If your focus is on manifesting A SINGLE THING, even if it’s small, and it’s not manifesting, your mind will get in your own way by falling into doubt and worry.

Instead, I recommend you focus on a handful of small things you want to be manifested.

When Should You Move on To Manifesting Something Big

When you have actually begun to believe that manifesting is real AND that you have the ability to do it, you can easily begin to manifest bigger things.

The goal of manifesting small things is to build your faith in manifesting, but you don’t need to be 100% devoid of doubt before you can move on to a big desire.

The truth is, you can even start manifesting something big in the very beginning, but, as said, I recommend you supplement this with manifesting small things at the same time.

Since you’re not restricted to manifesting only one thing at a time, it’s a good idea to continue manifesting small things, even when moving on to bigger desires. Constantly keeping the manifestation-ball rolling will help you keep faith in the unseen when you’re in the face of adversity.

Was It A Manifestation Or A Coincidence?

When you make a list of small things to manifest, the idea is to have some that could be coincidences and some that are unlikely to appear on their own.

The more things you manifest that are unlikely to appear, the more you will know that it was something caused by you and not merely something that would have happened regardless. And, of course, if you end up manifesting something extremely unlikely, you know that it came from you.

You can also get too close to coincidence. “Seeing a red car” is extremely common and, therefore, not a good item on your manifestation list.

Best Method To Manifest Small Things

This is the technique I first used to manifest small things constantly on a regular basis. It’s a great way to get faith in manifesting and to practice your ability to do it.

The technique is very simple. It consists of writing a list of small things you want to see manifested.

The purpose of the list is not only to develop faith in manifesting but also to help you learn how it actually works by tracking and analyzing your real-world results.

This is how to do it:

1: Get a pen and some paper

You can also get a journal or notebook which is dedicated to your manifesting journey.

Writing with a pen is better, but sometimes we don’t want others to see what we’re doing. If you feel more comfortable not having paper lying around, you can also make a list on your phone or computer.

2: Think of around ten things small things you want to see manifested.

As said, have items that range from likely to appear on their own to very unlikely to appear on their own. For example, seeing a pink car is more likely than seeing a rainbow-colored car. Just remember that the more unlikely the event is the more convinced you will be that it’s a manifestation.

You can also write down things that would actually be significant to you, whatever it may be. Just remember that the important thing with this exercise is not to get something but to gain faith in manifesting.

Also, add the date when you wrote down the items. Then, once one is accomplished, you will know how long it took.

There will likely be a few things on the list that you are more focused on than others. If you want, you can affirm or visualize these as you would with a big desire. It’s really up to you.

However, writing them down with the intention for them to appear can actually be enough for implanting the idea in the subconscious mind.

3: Store the paper/document somewhere safe

The reason you write the list is so that you can refer back to it. Even if you think you have a good memory, these things will slip out of your memory without you even realizing it. You can also refer back to it in the future, and you may even be shocked at how many things from the list actually manifested.

4: When the things on your list manifest, write that down too

When the things on your list appear, check them off. Also, write the date on which they happened, so you can see how long it took.

If you feel that the appearance of the item on your list was a manifestation and not a coincidence, write down a brief sentence explaining what happened.

If something on your list doesn’t happen, just let it go. Don’t stress over it.

5: Write a new List every day

Ideally, you want to write a new list every day (or regularly). You can keep the same items on your list or add new ones.

By sticking with this practice, things will begin to manifest in your life. Sometimes it will take only a few days, and sometimes it will take months. You constantly have multiple things on your list, so you don’t get too obsessed over one teeny thing.

If there are some things you are more focused on than others, you can spend time each day to visualize or affirm them, as you would if you would when manifesting a big desire.

Also, as a sidenote, i also highly recommend you go for broad or general manifestations. It could be manifesting general improvement in life. for example, where you are not focused on the particular outcome. I talk about this extensively in my article on specific vs general manifestations.

Ideas: 17 Small Things To Manifest As A Beginner

Here’s a list of a bunch of suggestions for small things you can manifest as a beginner.

  1. A person with red hair
  2. A free cup of coffee
  3. Finding a four-clover leaf
  4. Getting a compliment from a stranger
  5. Seeing a pink car
  6. An old woman running
  7. Finding money on the ground
  8. Befriending a stranger
  9. Hearing someone say a particular word or phrase, like “racecar.”
  10. A rainbow appearing
  11. Hearing a car alarm go off
  12. A moth flying around a porch light
  13. Going on a date
  14. Finding an extremely rare item
  15. Getting a message from an old friend
  16. Meeting a person you haven’t seen in ages
  17. Receiving something for free
  18. Having two people wave at you at the same time

As you can see, these are extremely random and are not life-altering in any way. This is just to give you some inspiration and get you going. Use them as a starting point.

The Takeaway

The greater your confidence in your ability to manifest, the better at it you will actually be. Manifesting even one small thing is enough for you to get faith in manifesting and is enough to convince you of its validity. Constantly seeing manifestations come solidifies your faith and thus makes it easier for you to manifest bigger and grander things.

Make a list of things you want to see manifested and check them off as they begin to occur in your world. That way, you have a bunch of evidence that manifesting is real that you can refer back to when times are rough.

You can continually manifest small things while simultaneously manifesting something big. In fact, this is a good way not constantly to obsess over your big desire.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!


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