The 3 Most Powerful Manifestation Methods: All You Need No Matter What You’re Manifesting

In this article, we will be looking at what I believe to be the most powerful manifestation methods. I constantly use these, and they definitely work for me. Manifesting methods are really a subjective process since we are dealing with our own minds, but having an understanding of the ones presented in this article will help you see the underlying process behind ALL manifesting techniques.

These are the most powerful manifestation methods:

  1. Neville Goddard’s SATS Technique (visualization)
  2. Affirmations
  3. Manifesting Something “Broad”

The power is not in the method or technique itself, the technique is only a specific way to impress an idea on the subconscious mind, and as long as you do this, it doesn’t really matter what particular technique or method you choose.

What Determines Whether or Not a Manifestation Method is Powerful

What makes a manifesting method “powerful” is based on if it allows you to impress your desire on the subconscious mind. The main purpose of ANY manifesting method is to help you do this.

In general, the simpler a manifestation method, the better it is. There are many techniques with a lot of fluff in them where you have to do all sorts of stuff that doesn’t help. There is no reason to overcomplicate things.

A technique is usually also more effective if you are in a deep state of consciousness. Generally speaking, the deeper you go into your mind, the greater power you attain.

Depending on the nature of the manifestation method, going deep is not always necessary. For example, there are some methods where the purpose is to regulate your thinking, where the purpose is to avoid impressing negative ideas.

Which is The Most Powerful Manifestation Method?

The most powerful manifestation method is, in my experience, Neville Goddard’s SATS technique, where you imagine yourself into a mental scene that takes place AFTER the accomplishment of your desire.

In short, this is what the SATS technique consists of:

  1. Get into a relaxed state of consciousness (a State Akin to Sleep)
  2. Imagine a scene that would happen AFTER your desire has been accomplished. The scene has to imply the fulfillment of the desire. You need to imagine the scene AS IF you were actually there, looking through your own eyes. You need to feel the reality of the scene.
  3. Repeatedly imagine the scene(s) until you get a sense of satisfaction, or you in some way feel that you have done it enough.

I have an article on Neville Goddard’s SATS technique that goes into a lot of detail.

So, why does the SATS technique work so well?

The first reason is because of the fact that you go into a deep state of consciousness. It seems as you go deeper into your mind, you get more in touch with the underlying power that is the cause of your external world.

The second reason is due to how you do the imaginal act itself. You are meant to imagine a scene AS IF it were actually happing in the external world.

You need to let your imaginal scene surround you, feeling yourself to actually be there. You need to think how you would actually think if you were there and feel the reality of it.

It’s almost like you actually go to a real place with your mind. The reality of the situation is really effective in impressing the subconscious mind.

This technique works for any desire. The key is to be consistent with it and not let your external circumstances dictate what is going on within. Remember that the purpose of a technique is to get into the right state of consciousness. There is no actual power in the technique itself.

Affirmations (Affirmative Statements)

Affirmations, as they most often are called, are positive statements that in some way affirm your goal.

Let’s say you wanted money. Examples of affirmations could be, “I am rich,” “money always comes to me,” “I always have enough,” and so on. It doesn’t matter what exactly you say; it’s the meaning behind the words that count, not the words themselves.

Affirmations are also really useful for targeting negative beliefs. For example, if you believe that “money is evil” and that “I am not evil,” then it makes sense that you shouldn’t have money, right?

You could, in this case, use affirmations to say, “money is good,” or “I can do good things with money.”

It could simply also just be that you believe money is too hard. Simply affirm the opposite, “it’s easy to get money.”

Affirmations are a way to reorient the negative parts of your mind. It works both for impressing new ideas and for breaking down already existing negative and limiting beliefs.

Also, affirmations will have an even greater effect when you are in a deep state of consciousness. A deep state of consciousness is a “hypnotic state” where your mind is more prone to accept suggestions.

I have a full guide on how affirmations work and how to do them most effectively.

Imagining Broad Things Rather Than Specific Things

It seems to be a lot easier to manifest general “goodness” compared to something really specific.

Yes, it is possible to manifest specific things, but if you’re struggling, it might be an idea to try and manifest a more broad improvement. Succeeding in this will also give you more confidence and faith in your manifesting ability making it easier for you to manifest something specific.

This is how you can go about doing this:

For best results, start by going into a deep state of consciousness.

From here, either use affirmations or simply use feelings, i.e., feeling love, feeling wealth, and so on.

Imagine goodness in a general direction. It can be in love, wealth, relationships, or just life in general. You could imagine random mental scenes imply that imply success and joy.

Do not fix down specific circumstances under which this goodness should appear, as the subconscious mind will do this by itself.

When doing this, you will probably feel some sort of feeling of relief or some sort of movement within you.

The reason manifesting something broad is easier is that it’s a lot harder for our minds to interject and overthink things, as it doesn’t even know what will actually happen.

Final Thoughts

You will always end up with your own type of manifesting technique that works best for you precisely because it is your own.

The power of a manifestation method is determined by whether it can help to impress the desire sufficiently on the subconscious mind, and in general, the simpler the method, the better it is.

Just jump into it, and don’t overthink it. You can really only truly learn from you actually trying and testing this for yourself.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!


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