Persisting In your Assumption When Manifesting: How To Do It And Why It’s Important

The idea of persistence when manifesting is very important. Persisting in an assumption comes from the Law of Assumption (Basically Neville Goddard’s teachings). Assumption, in this context, basically just refers to the idea or desire that we want to manifest in the external world.

Learning to persist was what led me from struggling to finally succeed with manifesting. So in this article, I will give you my two cents based on my understanding of persistence.

First, let’s look at what it means to “persist in an assumption” when manifesting.

To persist when manifesting means to continually give power to the goal regardless of the circumstances in the outer world. According to most teachings, if we persist long enough in an assumption (i.e., an idea accepted as true), the assumption will manifest in the outer world.

You can call it an assumption, desire, goal, idea, or whatever – it doesn’t matter. But you need to learn how to persist, or else it WILL NOT manifest!

What Is Persistence in Manifesting

Persisting on an assumption means that we do not let our assumption “die” in favor of an opposite assumption; That we keep “giving it power” to our desire until it manifests.

If you allow assumptions of the opposite nature to exist, you consequently have to kill off your desire. It’s one or the other.

A person who persists in their assumption will keep believing that the assumption will manifest no matter how unfavorable the outer circumstances seem to be.

For example, a person who persists in the assumption that they’re rich, even if the outer world shows them that they’re poor, will cause the creation of new circumstances reflecting the assumption of being rich. Persisting on the assumption despite circumstances will cause the old circumstances to fade away and be replaced with new ones mirroring the assumption. This is the Law of Assumption in a nutshell.

Even though this may seem easy at first glance, it’s actually pretty hard to do in practice. If you’re a beginner, you are supposed to have faith and believe in some weird invisible law without even being 100% sure of its existence. It takes time and practice to learn to manifest. Beliefs that are ingrained from childhood cannot be eradicated overnight.

Also, persisting in an assumption does not mean deluding yourself. If you want to have more money, there is no reason to go around telling everybody that you’re rich. The assumption exists within, on some deeper unseen level of reality.

The more you understand that there is an inner side to things and that this causes your experiences in the external world, the better you will be at manifesting. Even thought it’s probably too hard for you to believe at face value, at try and be open minded to the possibility of its reality. A large part of what you believe comes from what you habitually think about.

To sum it up, persisting means keeping the desired assumption alive on this inner plane without letting it get overpowered by assumptions of an opposite nature.

If you let your desire “die” by not persistingly believing in it, it has no chance of manifesting. For one reason or another, an assumption needs time to “grow” a series of events over a interval of time before you it appears to you in the external world.

Persistently holding an assumption/idea on this inner plane of reality is very closely aligned with the idea of “letting go” (even though it sounds paradoxical). I wrote an article on how to let go, which I highly recommend you check out after this one.

Why Do We Need To Persist?

Persistence is necessary because the desire does not appear instantaneously. It needs time to “grow.” If you stop watering it, it dies.

This is really hard, particularly if you have never manifested before, as you are dealing with the invisible. You need to persist in the invisible until it becomes visible.

Why is Persistence So Hard?

There are a few reasons why persisting is so difficult. I will focus on two of the main ones.

The biggest reason is that you do not really believe that manifesting is real. This is okay, as it is obviously an extraordinary claim. In my view, you can successfully get your first manifestation without being completely convinced of its reality. You do, however, need at least some level of open-mindedness.

Not really being sure whether or not manifesting is real will obviously make it harder to hold on to the assumption. But it is okay not to have 100% faith; you can still make it work. Knowing that you don’t need to be completely convinced actually makes it easier to believe in it. By simply “giving this a try,” you won’t get so emotional when things go against you. It’s easier to keep a level head and be steadfast under trial.

The second reason is if you’re trying to manifest something really big. Some huge, life altering event.

For example, manifesting a hundred million dollars is too hard for most. This is because there are too many ingrained limiting beliefs in the way. Yet when you begin to see manifesting working for things you don’t really care about, you will begin to see that there is no reason it should not work for greater things. Sure, some things may seem to be too far out, but you can go further than before.

How To Persist In An Assumption

I will give you a few simple steps to follow. The hard part is not an intellectual understanding of persistence; the hard part is actually doing it.

Keep doing your visualizations, imaginal scenes, affirmations, journaling, and so on. I find that consistently revisiting an assumption by going into a deep meditative state of consciousness makes it a lot easier to “become one” with it. Doing this consistently will keep the idea deep-planted in the subconscious mind, and frequently revisiting it in this manner keeps you in touch with it so you don’t fall back into the old state of consciousness.

Do not let the outer world dictate what your assumption should be. This goes back to the idea of recognizing the “within-part” of reality. If your assumptions are what dictate circumstances, it really does not make sense to let the circumstances dictate what your assumptions should be. Dare to assume your desire, and keep persisting in this assumption until it externalizes.

Final Thoughts

How exactly to persist is something you will learn with practice. I recommend you just give it a go. Please do not fear failure, as consistent failure is a necessary part of the journey. Just TRY to manifest something, even if you fail. If you just keep going determined to make it work, you will eventually learn how to manifest.

Anyways, I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for Reading!


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