Self-Love In Manifestation: Why It’s So Important

Self-love is an often overlooked aspect both in manifesting and your life and overall well-being in general. Self-love is not only a way to feel good; it actually has a really important and powerful effect on the mind.

In this article, I will explain how to use self-love to transform the subconscious mind, how this will cause new and better manifestations to occur, how this will make your life go ”upward,” and how self-love actually makes the mind more ”fertile” to the impression of your specific desires.

What Is Self-love And Its Relation To Manifesting

You may think that self-love is really cheesy or something that you are too tough for. But I want you to keep an open mind because it’s actually very important.

First, self-love is not about vanity, narcissism, or making yourself ”better” than others. These are all ways for you to fill in the holes of inadequacy with feel-good thoughts.

Self-love is about having the same deep respect for yourself as you would have for any other person. It’s about self-compassion and self-acknowledgment.

We tend to criticize ourselves more harshly than we do others. Many feel that it’s okay to mentally abuse yourself, to beat yourself up for every single flaw or mistake, to degrade yourself for your inability to fix things, to guilt-shame yourself, and to shrink yourself to no more than worthless.

Yet, strangely, you wouldn’t ever do these things to another person. And equally strange, you may also feel that it’s somehow ”noble” to hate yourself – that you somehow ”deserve” it.

This kind of self-hatred or self-inadequacy makes it really hard to manifest, let alone do anything of significance in your life. Every time you make a move forward, you are pulled back by your mind.

Manifesting is about working with the deeper part of our being. When we make changes in this deeper subconscious part of us, we thus automatically cause the creation of new results in our lives.

Self-love will lift your state of consciousness, and you will thus automatically begin to manifest better and better conditions in your life. It will also make your subconscious more receptive to the impression of particular desires you may have (more on this later).

The ”Healing” Influence of Self-Love – Why It’s Important In Manifesting

Think of self-love as a beam of energy that ”heals” your subconscious and uplifts it to a higher state. It takes discordant and hateful ideas, casts them out, and begins to grow new and desirable ones instead.

As the self-love heals the subconscious, and because the subconscious is the power that creates your reality, you’ll notice that your problems and unwanted conditions will begin to resolve themselves on their own and that life just seems to open up more and more.

These are the main ways that self-love will help ”heal” you:

  1. Uprooting Negative Beliefs: Self-love causes an inner cleansing process that uproots discordant beliefs within you – beliefs that are counteracting your well-being and success.
  2. Implanting Positive Beliefs: Self-love encourages the growth of positive beliefs within the subconscious – beliefs of love, kindness, self-worth, and potential.
  3. Creating a Fertile Environment for Desirable Manifestations: By having your state of consciousness be one of self-love, you can more easily implant new desires, and you will therefore become better at manifesting.

We will talk more about how to ”use” self-love in a more practical way later on.

Self-Love Makes The Subconscious More Receptive

I want to emphasize that self-love does not only cause things to automatically become better, but it also makes it a lot easier to manifest specific things that you consciously and deliberately choose.

If you, for example, wanted to manifest being financially free, you would have to convey this idea to the subconscious, prodding it into action. If your inner state of consciousness is one of ”I can’t,” ”I don’t deserve,” ”I am worthless,” etc., then you are obviously going to have a tough time implanting the desire of ”being financially free” because it would be in direct contradiction to this mental state.

Therefore, self-love not only causes automatic and unexpected improvements but also makes the subconscious more receptive to ideas you consciously choose. If your state of consciousness is one of ”I can,” ”I deserve,” and so on, then impressing the idea of ”I am financially free” is easier because it is congruent with this state.

Combining Self-Love With Meditation

When we talk about manifesting, it’s important to remember that our job is to implant new ideas in the subconscious.

Self-love isn’t merely a way to feel slightly better about oneself. Rather, it’s like a strong revitalizing force really shaking things up within, which then shows itself as positive changes in our mind, body, behavior, and external results.

Along with separating yourself from thought loops and digging into particular beliefs you hold, you can also go into meditation and use self-love from here, making it all the more powerful.

In meditation, the subconscious rises to the forefront, and it becomes a lot more responsive to our individual thoughts. You could then, for example, say to it, ”I love myself,” and the subconscious would embody this suggestion.

Techniques For Practicing Self-Love

Now let’s look at how to practice self-love on yourself. Self-love is a broad thing, so I will only give you some of the most important ”tools” that I have used and still use myself.

Self-love is about having compassion for yourself (especially when you’re down), understanding yourself rather than beating yourself up, and generally just supporting yourself the same way you would support a friend.

Here are different ways to do it:

1) Separate Yourself From Your Thoughts

This is sort of a preliminary step to self-love. Notice the distinction between you and your thoughts. There is the ”awareness,” and then there’s the ” awareness of.”

Let’s say you have low self-worth, for example. Try and catch the moment where you feel ”I am not good enough” or something like that, and then notice this feeling without judging it.

For example, if you fail at something, or maybe someone makes an angry remark at you, a feeling saying ”I am not good enough,” will probably bubble up. Instead of letting this feeling define you, simply OBSERVE what is happening within you; an event occurred, a feeling arose within you, and this feeling tells you that you are worthless. Do not shy away from the feeling – let yourself feel it through. You do not have to counteract this feeling yet; simply just observe it non-judgementally.

This makes a separation between your true self and who you THINK you are. Doing this will give your negative thoughts a lot less power over you and reveal the ideas you hold about yourself.

2) Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. The use of affirmations can create a more positive perception of self, which is key in practicing self-love. Choose affirmations that resonate with you. Maybe it’s simply “I love myself,” or maybe you feel it’s better to be more elaborate, such as ”I am compassionate toward myself when I feel bad.”

If affirmations feel fake to you, try doing them when you are in a meditative, relaxed state of consciousness. Here the critical part of us is diminished.

3) Meditation

As mentioned earlier, meditation gets you in touch with the subconscious. In this state, you will find that it is more agreeable and more responsive to your thoughts. You can therefore initiate more dramatic changes than you could if your thought had to pass through the many mental barriers that are active during your normal state of consciousness.

In meditation, affirmations, gratitude, and visualization are way more powerful.

Another self-love technique you can use during meditation is simply to FEEL love for yourself. Try and generate emotions of self-love and let them permeate your mind. Anoter good option, sort of on the same tangent as self-love, is gratitude. I talk more about gratitude and its relation to manifestation in this article.

4) Self-Reflection

This is an extension of point 1).

It’s about taking a step back and analyzing why you think, feel, react, and act the way you do during various situations. If you feel that you don’t ”deserve” something, ask yourself what made you believe this in the first place. Why should you not ”deserve” love, happiness, freedom, or the particular manifestation you want?

Your mind may also be caught up in all the negative aspects of yourself. Try and notice the things that you have going for you. This will give you a more nuanced and complete picture of your mind.

For example, it could be thinking about a particular moment when you actually did something of strength. Maybe you went through a tough time, or maybe you accomplished something outstanding.

5) Don’t Let Yourself Get Kicked Around By Others

This is about having respect for yourself. Would you let another person get kicked around and talked down to by others? No! So don’t do it to yourself. Don’t diminish yourself or hide away in any way just because you feel it’s what others want.

Let’s assume you are in some sort of social situation where you feel ”less than” in some way. We are, of course, not dealing with one where you are in actual danger – only one where you simply feel anxious. If you shrink yourself because it’s what you feel that itøs what others want, you are only perpetuating the cycle.

While in this situation, it may be too hard for you to act contrarily to this thought, as it will have a strong pull. So the next best thing is to wait until you are out of the situation and follow point 1) where you simply observe, uncritically, what happened and how you felt. Understand that this is not how you ”should” or are ”meant to” act.

The best thing (which you should not force yourself to do if you don’t feel you can) is to sort of separate yourself from this feeling while in the situation and, in some way, act contrarily to it – whether it’s standing upright, looking people in the eyes, speaking your mind, etc. This is an act of self-love; because you know that the feeling of being ”less than” is a lie and that you do deserve better.

So, how does this tie back to manifestation? Well, let’s assume that you end up detaching yourself from the feeling causing you to ”shrink” yourself in the example. Even when we are only dealing with something like letting ourselves kicked around, we are improving the view we have of ourselves. If you do this successfully, you are not only impressing the idea that ”you can” but also the idea that ”I am enough.” This change in state of consciousness must show itself in all aspects of your life, however small. Also, remember that this helps your subconscious become more agreeable to new suggestions, thus improving your manifestations ability, as we talked about earlier.


Self-love is a powerful ”tool” – not only for manifestation but for your overall well-being. It has a ”healing” effect on the subconscious mind in that it:

  1. Uproots negative beliefs: Ideas that come from a lack of self-love
  2. Implants positive beliefs: Ideas that a congruent with self-love
  3. Creates a fertile environment for desirable manifestations: It makes your subconscious more receptive for when you want to consciously want to manifest a desire.

The subconscious is the power you are working with when manifesting. By ”uplifting” or ”healing” the subconscious through self-love, you automatically cause the manifestations of better results in your life.

Self-love is not as cheesy as it sounds but is actually really important. I highly recommend you begin observing your mind and your thoughts as it will reveal the ideas you hold about yourself and, therefore, also the manifestations you get.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!


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