Small Things to Manifest For Beginners, and the Benefit of Small Manifestations

As you may know from some of my other articles, I often suggest beginners start by 1) manifesting something small, 2) start with an ego-strengthening goal, or 3) start with something generic like freedom, joy, confidence, and so on. The reason is, that it’s a lot easier to get results in this way. Seeing results of any kind, at any scale, is a potent factor in securing that initial faith that will keep us from second-guessing all the time.

In this short article, we will focus on the benefit of “small manifestation” or “test manifestation,” as one may call them. I will provide you with a list of ideas for small things you can go for, but note that it is up to you to pick one that you think fits you. For those looking to get started with manifestation, I also recommend both “The Complete Guide to Manifestation for Beginners” and “How Do I Start Manifesting? Follow This Strategy for Your First Manifestation.”

Now, I will also say that you do not necessarily have to start small when manifesting. There are some people who go for big goals in the beginning and succeed with this. It is not a rule that you have to start small, but it is something to consider if you are struggling with this. Let yourself be the judge as there are none better.

The benefits of manifesting something small

Starting with small manifestations or “test manifestations” is easier, and you can hone and practice your manifestation abilities.

About Small Manifestations — What is the Purpose?

A small manifestation is done for the purpose of testing manifestation. Many of us are skeptical in the beginning about all this. We should therefore test manifestation for ourselves and let the results we get be the referee as well as the guide for any adjustments we may need to make to our approach.

A “small manifestation” is basically an event, thing, circumstance, or small happening that you intentionally manifested. It may not be life-changing, but it acts as a demonstration of one’s ability to do it. Not only does this significantly increase faith and belief, but we also train ourselves to perform the method of giving suggestions to the subconscious.

Ideas For Small Things to Manifest

So, as promised, here are some suggestions for small things you can try and manifest. Really though, the particular thing or event can be as random and as arbitrary as you like.

Small External Events:

  • Seeing a golden car
  • Getting a compliment
  • Bumping into an old friend
  • Finding money on the ground
  • Finding a rare object
  • Receiving an unexpected message from someone

It can really be whatever. The above examples are examples of manifesting small external happenings. Note that due to belief, the more specific your test manifestation the more difficult it will be.

Ego-Strengthening Goals:

For many, it’s hard to believe that manifestation can influence something outside of ourselves. Therefore, a person may beneficially start by trying to produce changes within themselves.

  • More confidence
  • More productivity and focus
  • Cheerfulness
  • Mental clarity and peace
  • Physical strength
  • Social skills/social confidence
  • Attractive personality and/or physical appearance

And the list goes on. The process of doing internal or external manifestation is the same; it’s only the belief that makes the latter more difficult. As you make changes of any kind, faith grows and you gradually improve your method.

Broad/Generic/General Goals:

What I mean by this is goals that are not so much specific outcome-oriented as they are oriented toward overarching internal changes. This is something I talk about often on this website, as it has a number of benefits as explained in this article.

Simply put, if your overarching state of consciousness is one of “I am a failure,” then how are you ever to be successful? This negative state will trip you up. In this case, you may beneficially try and adopt a new state of perhaps first, “I can succeed,” and then onto “I am a success,” in order to combat it.

I recommend you do this in conjunction with not just any test manifestation but in conjunction with any manifestation. It is a more holistic approach. You can of course also do broad manifestation as a standalone without bothering about specifics.

Here are some examples:

  • Freedom
  • Success
  • Accomplishment
  • “Everything is going my way”
  • Love
  • Fulfillment and joy

And so on. A good idea is constructing a short and easy affirmation regarding the broad state. If you want success, you can simply affirm the word “success,” or something like “I am successful.” This is really up to you of course. And no doubt, the use of visualization, emotion as well as other techniques can also be used.

Regarding all of these, small, ego-focused, and broad, you can of course always adjust the scale and difficulty of your test manifestation as you see fit. Again, the purpose of these is solely to test and expand your manifestation capabilities.

The Benefit of Starting Small

The more emotionally attached we are toward an outcome, the more likely we will trip ourselves up. If you go for something you desperately want, the more anxious you get when there is no indication that your manifestation is on its way. Contrarily, if we go for a test manifestation, something small that you do not really care about, this is no longer a factor.

We also have to consider belief. As mentioned, ego-focused goals are more believable to most of us because operation takes place within our own mind and body.

We also have to consider that the mind wants to be in control. Your manifestation is likely not important enough to it, and thus this control urge is circumvented.

Success with manifestation, no matter the magnitude, will give us more confidence, and we can thus gradually move on to bigger and better goals.

Moving Onto Bigger Goals — Conclusion

Even with just one or two successes with manifestation, you may feel ready to move on to a bigger goal. It really doesn’t take a lot of success to fuel our own confidence.

I will always advise you to never let yourself get stuck in life if you cannot succeed with a particular manifestation. Not only can you focus on multiple manifestations at once, but letting your life be on hold will only develop the suggestion of failure or “stuckedness” in your subconscious.

As I do in nearly all my articles, I emphasize that it’s okay to fail. If it doesn’t work, alter your approach, try something new. But have a holistic approach to this. The important thing is that you develop your manifestation ability and skill because, as you do so, bigger and better goals will become more easily attainable.

I hope you found this article helpful. Again if you’re new to this I recommend you check either one of my articles recommended in the beginning. Feel free to send any questions, comments, or feedback that you may have. Thanks for reading.

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