What Does “SP” Mean in Manifesting

You have probably heard a lot of people talking about manifesting an “SP.”

In manifesting, “SP” is short for “Specific Person.” Many people use manifesting to get with a specific person they have a romantic interest in (e.g., an ex or a crush), so you’ll often see the term “SP” thrown around amongst people who are practicing manifesting.

In the remainder of this article, I will explain how manifesting a specific person works. A lot of people also seem to worry about whether or not it’s ever ethical, as you’re dealing with another person and not just a thing, so I will also give some insight into that.

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What Does It Even Mean to “Manifest” a Specific Person (SP)?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of manifesting. If not, it is basically the idea that we can control our reality through the use of the mind.

A lot of people want to get with a crush or get back with an ex, so they look to the power of manifesting to achieve this.

If you’ve spent time in any sort of manifesting community (on Reddit, for example), you have almost certainly seen people talking about manifesting a specific person. There’s even a whole subreddit based on Neville Goddard’s teachings which only focuses on manifesting a specific person.

Where Do People Get The Idea That Manifesting a Specific Person Is Possible?

When most of us think of manifesting, we initially think of manifesting things, not manifesting people.

Manifesting means that we can, in some way, control the external world through the power of the mind. If we can successfully manifest “things” (like wealth, a house, a job), then why shouldn’t we be able to manifest a relationship with someone?

In Neville Goddard’s teachings, there is a concept called “EIYPO,” short for “Everyone is You Pushed Out”.

The idea is that all people and all things are a projection of consciousness. Therefore, if we change our state of consciousness, we can cause others to act differently toward us.

Since all things, good and bad, are a manifestation of consciousness, then the fact that you are NOT with your specific person is in itself already a manifestation of consciousness. You can, by changing the state of consciousness, get with your specific person. It is the same way by which you manifest any other thing, only that we are dealing with other people.

Is It Morally Wrong To Manifest a Specific Person

Personally, I do not know whether or not manifesting a specific is morally justified. After all, it seems like there is a risk that we are manipulating someone’s free will, which is obviously a bad thing.

Regardless, it is not my position to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do (especially since I’m not even sure myself), but you do indeed have the ability to manifest your specific person if that’s what you decide to do.

Most other people in the manifesting community don’t seem to believe that manifesting a specific person is unethical. Their most common justification is that we each have our own personal view of reality. If you manifest a specific person, you are not impeding on their free will because you are simply moving into a reality where this is already the case.

If you’re interested in this, I also recommend you check out my article on EIYPO, as it goes more into this.

So, all in all, manifesting a specific person is possible, but you first need to make up your mind about whether or not it’s good or bad. A good rule of thumb when manifesting is to always wish the best for others.

After that, I recommend you check my guide on how to manifest a specific person.

I hope you found this short article helpful. Thanks for Reading!


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