Circumstances Don’t Matter: Why They Have No Power Over You

How are we to believe that our desire will manifest when the external circumstances seemingly make it impossible? Trusting in the unseen really is the hardest part of manifesting – especially when you’re facing adverse circumstances.

In my experience, I would say that the degree in which you rely on your external circumstances (even if they are good) affects how “stuck” your manifestation is. In order to manifest something new, you need to stop worrying so much about what is going on in the external world. Circumstances are the result of the deeper creative power and thus have no causative power in themselves.

In this article, I will explain why circumstances don’t matter and how to keep faith in your desire when your circumstances seem to keep you stuck. Let’s dive in!

What Do We Mean By “Circumstances”

When we talk about “circumstances,” we are basically talking about the state your physical world is in. Your circumstances are your current reality.

Oftentimes your circumstances may be so unfavorable to your desire that it feels impossible. For example, you may want to be financially free but find that it seems impossible because stuck in a low-paying job and knee-deep in debt.

When you’re manifesting, you’re using the power of thought to bring in something that does not yet exist in your external world. This power is the cause, and your external circumstances are the effect. If you are able to hand over your desire to the causative power, it will create it in external form no matter how unfavorable your current circumstances seem to be.

Why You Need To Stop Giving Power To Circumstances

I quickly want to clarify and emphasize why it’s so important not to rely on circumstances.

The reason you need to stop giving causative power to the circumstances is that it will create resistance when manifesting – you are basically turning the one originating power against itself!

To manifest something, you simply have to stop relying so much on the appearances of the outer world. Since they are not the cause, you simply cannot let them dictate what you can accomplish. Trying to manifest something while at the same time relying on circumstances will create a lot of resistance.

To successfully manifest, you need to understand that the cause is within, and the external world is like a shadow or projection of the originating power.

The Role Of Circumstances – Why They Don’t Have Power

The “without” (the circumstances and the external world) is the effect, and the “within” (imagination) is the cause. Since circumstances are merely the effect, they have no bearing on what the originating power can and can’t do.

If you hand over an idea to the originating power it will be accomplished regardless of circumstances.

Think of a shadow or a reflection. If you want a different result, you do not try and force that shadow or the reflection to be something that they’re not – the only way to change them is by changing the object that casts it. Once you change the object, the shadow or reflection changes automatically.

In the same manner, when you’re trying to manifest a new result in your life, you need to put your focus on the within and let the circumstances take care of themselves.

Your inner state of consciousness is the only reality, and the circumstances are only the corresponding effects. Changing circumstances by fighting them is as useless as changing the reflection in the mirror without changing the object reflected.

Try and remember this, even if you do not really believe it: The circumstances are the effect and therefore do not hold power. The within is the cause, and changing the cause automatically changes the effects.

As you continually impress this idea on your belief-system, you will find that your external world becomes less rigid and that manifestation becomes easier. Why? Because the only reason circumstances hold power is because you believe they do. Remove the belief and the circumstances lose their power over you.

How You Give Power To Circumstances

These two quotes from a book called “The Hidden Power” explains this very well:

“We think that conditions outside our thought have power over us, and so we think power into them.”

Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power

“The thought that we are weak and have no power over circumstances results in inability to control circumstances, and the thought of power produces power.”

Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power

We can never divest ourselves of our creative power. We are always manifesting, and the thought that “I can’t achieve this because…” manifests itself as our inability to manifest the given thing. Maybe you are pursuing a goal, but then something unfavorable happens, and you immediately fall into despair and discouragement and conclude that your goal can’t happen.

The reason your circumstances seem so rigid and imprisoning is because you unintentionally believe that they have power. There is only ONE originating power (which is within you), so the only reason that your set of particular circumstances keeps you bound is because you set the one power against itself by giving power to your circumstances.

To overcome this, you need to work on your beliefs. I have an article covering limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. In short, the first step is to recognize that you have a certain limiting belief (such as the belief that “circumstances have power”), the second is to realize that it may not actually be true, the third is to change your habitual thinking and constructing a new belief that will overcome the old one.

How To Stop Giving Power To Circumstances When Manifesting

When you stop giving so much power to circumstances, you take away a lot of resistance.

Understanding That Circumstances Are Powerless

As we talked about earlier, your current circumstances are just as much a projection; they are the effect of a deeper cause beyond the perceptible world.

You created them (through interaction with your deeper self), just like you will create your desired circumstances.

Your desire exists, only that it is not yet manifested in your external world, yet it still exists as a possibility within the originating power itself.

Understanding That Reality Goes Deeper

Acknowledge that reality is not just the three-dimensional space and time word we live in day to day.

The surface-level is not the fundamental reality. It’s a projection of fundamental reality, the same way that the red car you see in your VR headset while playing GTA 5 does not really exist but is only a creation of computer hardware.

This is why you should think of your desire as already accomplished; it does not yet appear in your virtual reality, but it does exist, in some abstract form, in the underlying, true reality.

Do Not Reinforce The Old State

This is another quote from “the Hidden Power”:

“Our mistake is in taking our surroundings too much ‘au grand serieux.’ We should touch things more lightly. As soon as we feel that their weight impedes our free handling of them they are mastering us, and not we them.”

Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power

Stop taking your circumstances so seriously! If you take them too seriously, you fear them, and you give power to them.

Stop reacting emotionally when the circumstances are unfavorable. You simply have to let them be.

When manifesting, things don’t always go in a straight line; you are “making waves” in the subconscious mind, and this will often reflect in the external world as aggressive circumstances – almost like your negative beliefs are violently “acting up.”

Reinforce The New State

When you stay faithful to your imagination and to the accomplishment of your desire, you are reinforcing the new state.

The process of reinforcing a new state while, at the same time, taking power away from the old state causes the new state to “grow” and replace of the old one.

Techniques such as visualizations, affirmations, scripting, and meditation, can help reinforce your desire. Your current circumstances do not yet reflect your desire, so you can’t look to them for reassurance. You have to go deeper. These techniques help you connect with the desire so, and this gives your mind reassurance that your desire actually exists.

Stop Fighting Circumstances

When you want to change the reflection in the mirror, you do not try and change the mirror. The reflection will automatically change when you put a new object in front of it.

This is the same attitude you need to have when manifesting. Do not try and change circumstances. Let them be – they will change by themselves.

Stay faithful to your imagination, to the within. Acknowledge that it has already been created on a deeper level of reality and that it is gradually manifesting itself in your external world. Your job is to keep the idea “alive” in the subconscious mind by not accepting an opposing state of consciousness; the reflection will, in time, appear automatically.

Exercises That Make This Easier

Begin regularly withdrawing your attention from without and put it within. As you begin to meditate and look beneath the surface level, your mind will automatically begin to believe that reality goes deeper than your external world.

1: Meditation

When you get hung up on circumstances, it’s most often because you have a hard time believing that reality goes deeper than the external world. While this is most often a problem for beginners, it can also happen for people who have had a lot of success with manifesting.

As said, the external, three-dimensional world is more of a virtual reality projected by the actual, fundamental reality. When you meditate, you are withdrawing your attention from the surface level, and you actually go deeper within. Even if you don’t feel like anything is happening, the fact that you put your attention there helps your mind see that it is there.

2: Imagining Your Desire

This is similar to meditation. Use things such as visualizations and affirmations to ”fuse” with your desire. For example, if you visualize yourself already in possession of your desire, your mind will think of it as a real thing. This is because you are actually going there; you are actually connecting with something real. Let yourself feel the reality of it.

Doing this makes it easier for you to “cling” to your desire when the circumstances are bad. The desire, even though not manifested in the external world, is more tangible and real to your mind because your mind has actually been there, and so it’s less inclined to argue against it.


Ignoring circumstances is one of the hardest parts of manifesting. Trust me, I would know! Just remember that you don’t need to do all this perfectly.

In order for your desire to manifest, you only need to have more faith in your desire than you have in circumstances – and this will get easier as you gain more experience with manifesting.

Try not to let the circumstances dictate you. You are the operant power, and the only reason your circumstances seem insurmountable is due to the fact you give power to them.

If you give power to your circumstances, you, in turn, kill off your desire because you let the circumstances dictate whether or not it can manifest.

Instead, understand that circumstances are a projection of the fundamental reality, a reflection of your imagination. Circumstances, being the effect, will fade away automatically once you change the cause.

Keep affirming and visualizing, and stay faithful to your desire while giving no power to the circumstances. This keeps the desire ”alive” on the deeper level of reality, and it will automatically be manifested in the external world, similar to how a mirror automatically reflects the object put in front of it.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!


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