Does Telling Someone Your Manifestation Ruin It?

Many people wonder whether or not you can talk about your manifestation. Some say that it puts “negative energy” around it, while others say that having manifesting partners is helpful. So, what’s the answer?

Talking about a manifestation has no effect on whether or not it will occur. The only hindrance will be if you feel that you are adding more pressure on yourself by having told someone about it. It is also important to remember that the only one that can make it work is YOU. Telling others won’t help in so far as to speed up the manifestation.

The only hindrance there can be to your manifestation comes from you. There is a risk that if you talk about it too much, you will get feel a sense of performance anxiety which makes it harder.

For this reason alone, it is, in my opinion, best to keep it a secret until the full manifestation has occurred.

Why Telling Someone About Your Manifestation Won’t “Ruin” It

There is no good reason to believe that there is any direct thing that comes from telling your manifestation, which will completely ruin it.

Other people’s “negative energy” doesn’t seem to be able to influence your manifestations directly; it’s only if it gives you more unbelief. Since your world is a manifestation of the subconscious mind, the only thing that matters is what is going on there. The only way others can ruin your manifestation is if you believe they can.

Nothing affects your manifestation except yourself. But, if your belief is already shaky, other people can more easily throw you off, and it is, for that reason, wise to keep it to yourself.

Why You Probably Still Shouldn’t Tell Anyone

In my experience, the best is to keep it to yourself until you have totally manifested it. There is no reason to add on any external pressures or doubts from others. Manifesting is purely done by you, and your interaction with the subconscious mind. No one can do this for you.

When you are beginning to see progress toward your desire, there is no reason to compromise it by bragging about it and adding peer pressure and potential performance anxiety due to having shared it with others. If you are beginning to see the fruits of your manifestation it’s best to keep doing what you’re doing. It hasn’t manifested until it has manifested.

Also, if you fail at manifesting your goal, it will degrade your confidence a lot more if other people see that you’ve failed. Our perception of negative judgment from other people most often has a stronger influence than the judgment from ourselves. There is a degree of shame we fail when other people witness our failures.

Who Can You Tell About Your Manifestation

If you feel like you absolutely feel like you HAVE to talk about your manifestation, do it with someone who is either a really close friend and is also into manifesting or with someone who has a lot of success and experience with manifesting.

It’s okay to talk to an experienced person in manifesting if your purpose is to get advice. Someone with a lot of experience with manifesting will likely understand the struggles and are therefore not judgemental.

Talking About It After It Has Manifested

When you successfully manifest something, there is no problem telling it to a close friend if they also believe in manifesting.

oing this can, of course, be a great encouragement for them. But again, just be careful not to add any unnecessary pressure on yourself until you have become really good at manifesting. There is no reason to add more obstacles, as there are enough already.

Final Thoughts

For most, manifesting is a very personal thing. It is you that have to learn how to interact with the power within you, and no one can do this for you.

That being said, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with having a small manifesting group consisting of close friends. It can also be helpful talking to someone with experience about your manifestation if your purpose for doing so is purely to get advice.

Just don’t make the mistake of adding extra pressure on yourself, it will only make it harder.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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