Everyone Is You Pushed Out: How To Test It

The concept of “Everyone Is You Pushed Out” (often shortened to EIYPO), developed by Neville Goddard, means that everyone is a manifestation of youself. There are a lot of controversies and debates around it, and this comes from not understanding what the “self” is.

Later on in this article, I will also give you a method by which you can actually TEST EIYPO so you can prove to yourself that it is true.

But first, what does “Everyone Is You Pushed Out” mean?

“Everyone Is You Pushed Out” (Often shortened to EIYPO) means that everyone is a manifestation of your self, which is consciousness. Therefore, from your perspective, every single person you will ever meet is a reflection of your assumptions.

The “I Am,” or pure unconditioned awareness, is the true self creating all of reality.

When you’re manifesting something you are consequently also affecting other people since they also come from the “I Am.” This is what Neville meant by EIYPO – you impress your own desires on the universal part of your mind, and since it creates everything, it also affects other people just as much as it affects yourself.

The reason this is not solipsism is that it is not the individual you that is the power, but the deeper self within everyone. We will discuss this later.

How EIYPO Works

The “speculative” arguments for EIYPO are very loose and debated. So, how do we learn more about it? By simply observing what goes on within and comparing it to what goes on without, we will begin to see that other people will to some extent, act in accord with our inner activity.

For example, if you hold negative beliefs about another person, these beliefs will influence that person and cause them to act in a manner that corresponds to your beliefs about them.

Another example is if you believe that “making friends is easy,” other people will literally act in a more friendly manner toward you. Sure, part of this will be from your behavior, but there will also be a direct influence on them.

To test EIYPO, you can also try deliberately imagining someone doing or saying a certain thing.

For example, try and imagine someone saying the word “racecar.” If done correctly, you will at some point experience an event in which someone says “racecar.” I have a few more examples like this later on.

How Do You Use EIYPO?

EIYPO pushed means that others are simply a reflection of your state of consciousness. You are, in a sense, therefore, always “using” EIYPO wether you intend to or not.

EIYPO is always at play; it always applies, no matter if we want it to or not. Even when we are manifesting something without deliberately trying to involve other people, other people will still act differently due to our imagining. For example, if you’re trying to manifest money, a series of events could be that your boss gives you a promotion. The desire to manifest more money caused your boss to act differently.

So, your assumptions, beliefs, expectations, thoughts, etc., will cause others to act in a corresponding manner. They mirror your internal state of consciousness. Assumptions, beliefs, expectations, thoughts, etc., about specific people will, therefore, also cause them to act differently.

How You Can Test EIYPO

Testing EIYPO is the same process by which you manifest any other thing. You need to use the power of imagination, as per Neville’s teachings. Create an imaginal act that in some way causes the idea to manifest in the outer world. I recommend you use Neville Goddard’s “SATS” technique for this, but you can really use any manifesting technique you want.

To test EIYPO, you need to manifest something where other people have to act differently.

Here are some examples of things you can try and manifest for testing EIYPO. Some are harder than others depending on your situation.

  • Someone saying a certain word, like “racecar,” or an even rarer word
  • Someone complimenting you in some way (e.g., complimenting your appearance)
  • Seeing a person that looks a certain way (e.g., someone with green hair)
  • Seeing someone do a certain thing (e.g., an old lady climbing a ladder)
  • Someone giving you a gift
  • Someone bringing up a certain topic

These are simply some suggestions for experiments you can do. If you can successfully manifest some of these things, or similar things, you will have successfully demonstrated EIYPO to yourself.

There is Only ONE Consciousness – Why EIYPO Isn’t Sollopsism

Another way to phrase Everyone Is You Pushed Out is Everyone is a projection of Awareness. The thing that doesn’t make this viewpoint solipsistic is that all people ARE the same awareness. We do not project things from our individual minds; we merely influence the subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is the true self of all people.

In this sense, the individual you is also a projection of your Awareness or the true self.

Neville emphasized that there is only ONE unified “I Am” very often. People that ignore this fact will misunderstand what Neville means by EIYPO and interpreters it as a soloistic statement.

That being said, the exact ins and outs of EIYPO are still very unknown.

Personal Reality and EIYPO (Speculation)

This is going to be very speculative. It is merely one of many possibilities.

The “I Am” or unconditioned awareness is at the root of all people. By working with the power inherent in awareness, we can use this power to create or manifest all sorts of things, such as wealth, happiness, etc.

So, if other people’s true selves also are the “I Am,” how do we get around the idea that THEY act according to YOUR state of consciousness? How can they have free will and also act according to your state of consciousness about them? This is the thing that makes EIYPO hard to understand.

Here is a possible answer:

We all only see the world from our own perspective; you see your life from your point of view, while I see my life from my point of view.

So, perhaps we all see completely different external worlds? Reality is far more complicated than the physical world, and it is, therefore, not weird to think that we sort of live in our own personal reality.

Infinite Realities?

Many people pose the idea of infinite realities. That there are an infinite amount of possible realities we can observe. The idea is that we view the reality that corresponds with our individual state of consciousness.

In that way, when two people try to manifest something that contradicts the other person’s manifestation, they each simply go on to observe two different worlds in which they each get their own way.

Something Deeper Than Infinite Realities

In my opinion, the idea of infinite realities is partially true but not deep enough. Personally, I also believe that we each see the outer world differently, but not in the same way.

The problem is that most people who believe in the infinite reality idea make the mistake of not taking consciousness of the fundamental reality, and, for that reason, they end up with an infinite amount of “physical worlds” in which they live in a completely new one all the time.

According to Neville Goddard, the fundamental reality is not the physical world but consciousness. This way, the “physical world” only appears as an artifact or manifestation resulting from the way in which the individual connects with the universal consciousness. The outer world is, therefore, not REAL in itself.

It’s a bit like wearing a VR headset. Two people may be in the same game, but each VR headset generates a separate environment for each player.

All individual consciousness still exists in the universal consciousness, but they do not necessarily see the same physical world.

So, going back to EIYPO, if two people hold two incompatible assumptions, they may actually see two completely different worlds.

I did warn that this was highly speculative, but I wanted to include this as it is how a lot of people view EIYPO in the various manifesting communities.

Final Thoughts

The reason for EIYPO is not universally agreed upon. We can, however, by our own experiment, see that that EIYPO works, even if we don’t understand how it works.

Since EIYPO is real, your power of manifestation is not limited. Literally, all things and all people are a manifestation of the one source. By working with this power, you can manifest whatever you want.

Please always remember the golden rule that Neville emphasized: “Do not do to others that which you would not want someone to do to you.” If you do, you will harm only end up hurting yourself.

Anyway, I hope you found this article helpful or at least interesting. Thanks for reading!


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