“Everyone Is You Pushed Out” Explained

Today, we will talk about the infamous concept: “Everyone is you pushed out” (or, in short, “EIYPO”), an idea coming from Neville Goddard.

I will explain what it means, why it matters, and how you can, through an experiment, test that it is true.

I warn you that this will be highly speculative and pretty abstract. These are merely speculations I’m throwing out there, but I do not want you to accept them blindly.

What does “Everyone is you pushed out” mean?

The common understanding of EIYPO is that every single person in your life is the expression of your state of consciousness. Everyone conforms to the beliefs, assumptions, and conceptions internalized within you. If you think, “I am unloved,” then the people around you will act in conformity with that conception. If you think, “Everyone is just out for themselves” then that, too, will be outpictured.

Now, this definition needs a bit of elaboration because one would be quick to conclude that he or she must be the only conscious being in a world of puppets, which is far from the case.

It’s important to understand these two things when reading or listening to Neville Goddard: 1) that consciousness is reality, and 2) that consciousness is universal. In other words, the physical, three-dimensional world we live and move in is the effect of the activity of consciousness, and each of our individual minds are merely avatars created by consciousness in its universal state.

When Neville says, “You are God,” he is saying that your consciousness is God — not that you as John Doe or Jane Doe is God.

What EIYPO really means, then, is that everyone, including you, is controlled and directed by the universal consciousness.

Examples of EIYPO at play

Just ensure that we are on the same page regarding EIYPO, here are some examples of conceptions one might hold onto and their correlative in manifestation.

If you think, “Making friends is easy,” then not only will your behavior ensure that you are more comfortable to be around, but other people will reflect that assumption, and literally be more friendly toward you.

If you think, “I will never find love,” then not only will that affect your mind and your behavior, but “the right one” will never appear before you. Conversely, if you substitute the former assumption for the assumption, “I will find love,” then in some way or another you will end up bumping into someone.

If you think, “He or she doesn’t like me,” then, if this idea is firmly enough implanted in the subconscious, that person, as if a spell had been cast upon them, will not like you.

You have probably already realized that you hold thoughts similar to this. Know that if your subconscious holds a negative assumption that is affecting your life in an unwanted way, it can be changed. Manifestation is all about working with the deeper self within you.

How Does EIYPO Even Work?

Now, even though universal consciousness is at the root of EIYPO, the question still begs: “Why do people conform to MY state of consciousness?” Using the example of before, if your state of belief is, “everyone is out for themselves,” then the people around you will act in conformity to that idea as if they were puppets to it.

So, why? In all honesty, I do not have the definite answer as to why that is, but there are three possibilities as I see it.

Explanation 1:

The first explanation could be that we are all slaves to what each of us thinks. If you think “everyone is out for themselves,” then all of humanity, or at least the people you encounter, will act in conformity with that idea. Likewise, if I think “everyone likes me,” then everyone, including you, will like me. Personally, I do not think this is the case, but it could very well be.

Explanation 2:

The second explanation could simply be that it’s impossible to impress on the universal consciousness two contrary thoughts; mine that “most people are greedy,” and yours that “most people are selfless.” One of them would be true, and it would be impossible for me, for instance,  to impress my belief that “most people are greedy.”

Explanation 3:

The third explanation could be that we each live in our own personalized reality. Say, for instance, that you and I hold on to the two contrary positions: me that “most people are greedy,” and you that “most people are selfless.”

Since reality is not bound by the physical world — that objective reality is far more complicated than we thought it was — and the physical world is the manifestation of our individual mind’s interaction with some sort of self-activity of universal consciousness, it is not dumb to speculate that our two individual minds never get to interact. It could be we both go our different paths regarding to the part of consciousness we connect with. I move along a path in consciousness where my idea is confirmed, and you yours. We are in completely different states of consciousness, and the physical world we each experience are completely separate.

No matter the exact explanation begin EIYPO, it is no doubt true to a greater or lesser extent. You will see this when you begin manifesting if you haven’t already; that people move in accordance with the assumption or belief that you are internalizing in your subconscious.

Testing EIYPO

This is really easy to do, but it is not something I would recommend beginners spend time on. It’s better for the beginner to “turn around the whole ship” and focus on making big and broad improvements in their life.

Anyways, to test EIYPO you simply just have to suggest to the subconscious that someone will do or say something. For example, you could imagine

  • Someone saying a certain word, like “racecar.”
  • Someone complimenting you in some way
  • Seeing a person that looks a certain way (e.g., someone with green hair)
  • Seeing someone do a certain thing (e.g., an old lady climbing a ladder)
  • Someone giving you a gift

If you can successfully manifest some of these things or similar things, you will have successfully demonstrated EIYPO to yourself.

If you don’t want to waste your time with what you might consider meaningless experiments, then remember that people are constantly mirroring your state of consciousness. If you’re manifesting something you desire, notice that the right people will show up and do exactly the right thing, just in perfect order, so that your particular goal can be achieved.

How Do You Use EIYPO?

People are constantly mirroring your state of consciousness. Be careful with the thoughts you dwell on. If you feel, “No one loves me,” then not only will you yourself act in accordance with that assumption, but so will other people.

Likewise, if you want to manifest wealth, and you impress this idea on the subconscious, then you and other people will move like pieces on a chessboard in order to fulfill that objective.

The Golden Rule

We have concluded that EIYPO is real, but before we close I desperately want to draw your attention to Neville’s golden rule, which is: only imagining lovingly on behalf of another. For your own sake, please follow that rule carefully.

If you do not follow this rule, you will only end up hurting yourself. If you do something that you consider immoral, that hate or that anger you may have cast on another must first have developed within yourself. Resultingly, the damage you intend to do will mostly harm you. Forgiveness is not something you do for the sake of another; it is letting go of something within yourself.

Anyways, I hope you found this article helpful, even if it got a bit abstract at times. As you know, feel free to send me feedback, any kind of comments or questions you may have; nothing is off limits. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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