Manifesting Money: The Complete Guide

Manifesting wealth (in the financial sense) was one of my first significant manifestations. It was the thing that really turned my life around.

If you’re trying to manifest money but feel stuck, it is because your subconscious holds on to contrary ideas. These are hidden obstacles lurking within, and hindering your progress.

In this article, I will give you a full guide on manifesting money in whatever capacity or scale you may desire. I will give you some methods that will help you 1) remove internal money-blockages, 2) create positive beliefs regarding money, and 3) help you manifest a specific money related desire.

How Manifesting Wealth Works

Before we dive into the “how,” let’s first clear up some basics.

First off, if you already believe in manifestation, that your mind has direct influence over your reality, then that’s great – this belief will only help you. If you want to believe but find it difficult to shake off the skepticism, that’s okay too.

Even if you don’t believe in manifestation, understand that these techniques I share in this article will also have a strong effect on your mindset, motivation, and behavior. So, if you approach these exercises with an open mind, you can expect to see results of some kind.

The key to the whole thing is the subconscious. If you can plant the idea of wealth in the subconscious then that must manifest itself in your reality.

The Only Thing You Need To Know About Manifestation

Manifestation is about working with the subconscious mind. Ideas, beliefs, or concepts held in the subconscious don’t just manifest in your mind and your behavior but will also manifest themselves in your external world, shaping the opportunities coming your way, the circumstances you find yourself in, the people you meet, your ”luck,” and so on.

The key thing to understand when manifesting wealth, or anything else, is that you are making a change within your deeper ”self.” You are feeding the subconscious part of you new ideas, which it then externalizes. Too many people make the mistake of trying to accomplish stuff through excessive willpower, when in truth, we are always slaves to our subconscious.

When manifesting, don’t get too caught up in the particular set of circumstances you find yourself in; they are merely a reflection of your internal state. Your job is to change your ”concept of self,” and the result will naturally flow from there. To change a shadow, you must alter the object casting it, not the shadow itself.

You might currently feel that your financial situation is bad, but understand that this is merely a shadow stemming from your internal state of consciousness. If you can imbue your subconscious with new and positive ideas, then the shadow will change correspondingly. If you plant ideas of ”wealth,” then wealth-related manifestations will grow into existence.

Defining Your Goal – And Asking “Why” You Want It

Before you begin actually manifesting your desire, it’s very important to understand what exactly you want and the underlying reason why you want it. This could be a specific sum of money, a general desire to be wealthy, or simply a desire for more financial freedom.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to have a specific amount in mind. Specificity is not a requirement; you just need to be clear. If you just want ”a lot of money,” then that’s fine. How much ”a lot of money” is, will be determined by your perception.

Since you’re here, you probably already know what you want.

Now let’s move on to the second part: understanding the ”why.”

Suppose you desire financial freedom. Ask yourself, ”Why do I want to be financially free?” and then observe the answers that pop up. Is it the independence it offers? The travel opportunities it unlocks? The prestige it brings? The comfort it provides for loved ones? Be honest. You may feel that some of the reasons are selfish or perhaps even wrong. Do not judge – you are only trying to understand your motivations.

Making sure your ”why” is strong enough

Finding the underlying reasons behind your desire will reveal if your goal is valuable enough for you to stick with itFor instance, let’s say that your desire is to become a millionaire, but your underlying “why” is that you want to be popular and get praised by others. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, but you would need to ask yourself if this is a strong enough reason that will keep you steadfast and motivated. Personally, I wouldn’t let the things such as praise be the driving force for a big manifestation – it simply isn’t enough and is merely a side benefit.

So before you say, “This is my goal,” I strongly recommend that it has a strong driving force behind it. If it’s too weak, then you won’t persist.

For you, my guess would be that having a general goal of ”wealth” or ”financial freedom” is the better option because it has a stronger motivator behind it. To most, financial freedom would mean the freedom to live life on your own terms without having to be tied down to mundane routines or money problems. This is a strong motivating force.

That being said, you can definitely manifest what you want, even if the motivating force is shallow. I do this all the time. But making big changes within yourself without a deep-cutting ”why” is simply too hard.

How Big Should You Go?

If you’re broke, it would obviously feel a lot harder to manifest a million dollars compared to a thousand dollars. If you pick a goal that feels really “out there,” you will meet with a lot of internal resistance.

For that reason, I recommend you aim for a goal that feels somewhat attainable but would still have a significant impact on your life.

Small Money Manifestations

Some people like to do small manifestations with money, either for fun or for the sake of testing their manifesting ability. You can do this too.

This is when you try and manifest something like ”finding money on the ground,” ”getting money out of nowhere,” or even ”having enough to travel to another country,” and so on. These are manifestations that would be cool if they happened, but overall, their impact is minimal.

Understanding Why You Are Not Manifesting Wealth Right Now – Finding Your Limiting Beliefs

To manifest wealth, you need to change your state of consciousness. Doing this requires an “unshackling” of your current limiting beliefs that keep you stuck where you are.

If your state of consciousness is one of “I am doomed to be poor,” then your goal of having money will have no chance to grow.

When you begin to let go of your limiting beliefs, you make your subconscious receptive to positive ideas. As you gradually begin to take your state of consciousness from “I am doomed to be poor” to something like “I can be rich,” then enable yourself to impress your particular desire, whether it be financial freedom or a certain sum of money, without being overthrown by opposing ideas.

Example Of How Limiting Beliefs Work

This is the general philosophy behind how beliefs work with regard to manifesting. It may not be a silver bullet, but understanding it in this way is good enough for practical purposes.

Let’s say that you have a strong belief that says, “Money is too hard to get.” This would manifest itself as your inability to get money because it’s simply “too hard.” Every step you go forward is met with overwhelming opposition. And if you do manage to progress, things just seem to relapse at some point, throwing you back to square one. You may get some sort of business opportunity, but for one reason or another, all sorts of blockages appear, keeping you where you are.

Let’s say that you then begin to believe that “Money is hard to get” but no longer “Too hard.” Again this would manifest as the path forward is tough, yet no longer impossible. The obstacles are big, but you are not completely stuck.

Let’s say that you then believe that “money is easy.” Here, opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere, and money flows to you as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Common Limiting Beliefs Regarding Money

Finding the limiting beliefs within requires introspection. Try and observe the thoughts and feelings you have regarding money and your relation to it. Perhaps ideas such as financial freedom feel unattainable. Acknowledge this feeling. Let yourself feel it. Try and analyze what it is that you feel this way.

I talk more about finding and releasing limiting beliefs in this article.

Below are some of the most common limiting beliefs regarding money. Reflect on the extent to which they apply to you.

  1. “I don’t deserve to be wealthy.” – This belief arises from a lack of self-worth. It means that you are not ”good enough” or ”worthy of” attaining something.
  2. “Money is bad.” – If you believe money is evil or that wanting more makes you greedy. If you want to be a good person, but you believe money is selfish, then you will feel that it’s something you shouldn’t have.
  3. “Money is too hard to get.” – If you believe that money is TOO hard to get, you’ll continually encounter insurmountable obstacles.
  4. “I don’t have what it takes.” – If you’ve never had a lot of money before, the thought of wealth can be met with resistance. You may feel that other people are different or have abilities or opportunities that you do not. Also, the mind wants to stay in its comfort zone.

A limiting belief can also be more general. For example, If you strongly believe that ”I am a failure” then this will impede your ability to succeed in any area, including money.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how to let go of these limiting beliefs.

How To Manifest Wealth: What You Have To Do

Let’s assume that your desire is to manifest financial freedom – you don’t necessarily care how much, but it should be enough so that you are free to spend your time doing what you want to do.

To do this, you need to change your state of consciousness. You need to feed your subconscious mind new ideas, which it will then project outward. You basically need to convey your desire to the subconscious. If it is accepted by the subconscious, then the subconscious will produce that result. You will change, and so will your circumstances, until your goal is accomplished.

To change your state of consciousness, this is what we will be focusing on:

  1. Awareness of your negative beliefs
  2. Releasing the negative beliefs and implanting positive ones that encourage wealth.
  3. Impressing the particular desire (like financial freedom, if that’s your goal) that you want to manifest.

All of these three things should be done on a regular basis.

1. Depowering Limiting Beliefs

While it’s important to inject positive ideas into the subconscious, it’s equally important to loosen your current negative beliefs.

You cannot state of consciousness cannot be “I am rich” and “I cannot be rich” at the same time. By depowering the “I cannot” belief, you give more room to the “I can” belief.

To depower a limiting belief, you first and foremost have to catch the moment when it appears within you. For example, you may be well on your way to attaining financial freedom (assuming that’s your goal), but at some point, you meet an obstacle that makes your mind fall into despair. Maybe you feel that “this is too hard, I can’t do this,” and you may find yourself listing out all the reasons why you’re stuck.

When this happens, simply notice it. Let yourself feel it through – you don’t necessarily have to stop it. Simply just acknowledge that your mind is telling you that you can’t do it. Even if your desire to attain financial freedom (assuming that’s your goal) is actually impossible, notice it’s still just your mind telling you something.

The simple act of being aware of the mind in this manner gives you the distance between you and it. It’s no longer, “I can’t do this,” but rather, “I have a belief telling me that I can’t do this.”

Doing this makes your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are now merely “things” within you that you can observe just the same that you can observe the objects in your outer world. This in itself, will gradually begin to depower these beliefs, making room for the implantation of good beliefs.

2. Planting Positive Beliefs About Money

Now we will take what we learned from the former section and build on it a bit. If you plant and give power to an idea that is in strict opposition to a current negative one, the negative one will begin to die out.

Again, we are assuming that your goal is financial freedom, but it could, of course, be anything. Think of it as a seed. If the plot of ground where you plant that seed is one of “I am poor” then the seed will die off. If the plot of ground is one of “I am rich” then the seed of financial freedom will grow with ease.

If you have general beliefs saying “money comes to me with ease,” “I can,” and so on, then you have a better “plot of ground” at hand for manifesting financial freedom.

1) Recognize Your Beliefs

Choose beliefs that directly target the negative beliefs you hold. For example, if you don’t believe you are “worthy” of money, then make up your mind that you want to implant beliefs that directly oppose this.

2) Critique Your Beliefs and Stop Reinforcing Them

Before, we looked at how awareness of a belief separates you from it. It will also help to have a critical view of it. As you realize that the belief has an unwanted influence over you, you will stop giving it power. You won’t let yourself circle around in the same negative thought loops, reinforcing the same old belief.

3) Establish Contrasting Beliefs

The belief that ”money is hard to get” then you can replace it with the belief that ”money is actually not that hard to get.” Begin reminding yourself of this throughout the day. Look for all the reasons why it’s true. Maybe think of certain opportunities in your life that, if pursued, could lead to money.

Going into meditation and then affirming something like ”I am rich,” or ”money comes to me easily,” will have a strong effect on your mind. In meditation, your focus is free from distractions, and your critical mind is not as active. We will look more at meditation in the next section.

As alluded to before, more general beliefs like ”I always fail” will also hinder you in the pursuit of wealth. Use the same approach to identify, critique, and replace such beliefs.

3. Impressing Your Particular Desire

Keep your goal in mind – in this case, “financial freedom.” For this to manifest as a fact in your reality, you need to impress it on the subconscious mind.

There are various techniques to do so. We will focus on how to use meditation combined with visualization and affirmations.

Technique 1: The Visualization Technique

The most effective way to visualize is to immerse yourself as much as you can in your mental imagery. Here’s how you can use it:

1) Go Into Meditation

Sit or lie in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Allow yourself to center and withdraw your attention from without. If you have time, you can let yourself go very deep. The deeper, the better. If, however, you don’t want to spend a long period of time going into meditation, simply withdrawing from distractions and centering your mind will work too. As you visualize, you’ll naturally go deeper.

2) Visualize a Scene Where Your Goal is Realized

Imagine a mental scene taking place after you are now financially free.

For example, you could imagine a scene in which you are taking a vacation in a different due to the fact that you now have the time and the financial stability to do so.

The particular scene or scenes you choose are entirely up to you. They just need to imply that the achievement of your goal is already an accomplished fact.

Immerse yourself into the scene as if it were real. Be a partaker rather than an onlooker. Bring in all your senses; use touch, smell, hearing, and so on.

Let yourself feel the relevant emotions. It doesn’t have to be a strong excitement or overpowering happiness. Subtle feelings of gratitude and relief will infuse you more into your imagination.

Do not worry too much about how vivid your imagination is. Get rid of the idea that you have to do it perfectly – you don’t. If you feel that you can’t properly, just pretend that you are.

It’s important not to use effort. The part of you that uses effort is the ”little you” – it’s not the part of you that does the manifesting. Excessive effort only acts as a barrier.

At some point, you will feel that something has changed. This is a good time to stop. You don’t HAVE to do it for long periods of time.

This is basically all you need for effective visualization. Simply just enact a scene that would imply the fulfillment of ”financial freedom.” if that’s your goal, and immerse yourself into it as if it were actually happening.

If you want to read more on visualization, I highly recommend this article.

Technique 2: Affirmations and Self-Talk

Affirmations and self-talk are almost the same. Affirmations are commonly thought of as short repeatable phrases such as “I am financially free” or “I am rich”, but you can also convey your desire to your subconscious by simply talking to it with your inner voice.

1) Go Into Meditation

Similar to the visualization technique, start with meditation. This clears the path to the subconscious, making it more receptive to suggestions.

2) Convey Your Desire

Depending on your depth of meditation, you’ll notice your mental environment feels different, more floaty perhaps. In this altered state, state your intention. You could go the affirmations route and repeatedly say, “I am financially free” over and over again.

Focus all of your attention on this single thought to the exclusion of all others. You cannot think, “I am financially free” and “I can’t do this” at the same time. Like with visualization, allowing yourself to feel emotions such as accomplishment, relief, gratitude, and satisfaction, will help you immerse yourself in one thought.

As said, you can also just talk more freely to the subconscious as if it were another being. You could, for example, say something like ”I want you to do this…” and then explain what you want it to do.

You can also say, “From this moment on, I am rapidly moving toward the attainment of financial freedom.” Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually HAVE to affirm that your desire “has already happened.” As long as it is a certainty. 

Do these exercises regularly, ideally at least once a day. If you do manage to make a change in your subconscious, understand that results of some kind must follow.

Remember, your job is not to manipulate surfaces. Your subconscious controls both you and your external world. The only way to change things is by feeding new ideas into the subconscious.


Manifesting money involves transforming your subconscious ideas. When your state of consciousness resonates with “I am rich” rather than “I am poor,” it automatically externalizes not only as changes in your mindset and behavior but also directly in your circumstances, such as new opportunities and improved “luck,” guiding you toward your goal.

If you believe that “I am rich,” manifesting specific money-related goals will become easier. For instance, manifesting a certain sum of money is obviously easier if you already believe that ”getting money is easy.”

Remember, no action will be effective without doing the internal work. It’s like attempting to change a mirror’s reflection without altering the object being reflected.

It’s important actually to do the mental work. Reading is not enough.

Whether you just want to manifest “more money,” a specific sum, financial freedom, or become a millionaire, you must do the inner work.

If your mind persistently clings to the belief that you cannot be rich, any effort to manifest a money-related desire will be rejected.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

Hi, I'm Chris. I have actively been practicing the art of manifestation for several years now, and have manifested many things in my own life. I have seen firsthand how powerful manifesting is, and how huge the result can be. On this website, I want to share my knowledge and experience from my many years of doing this and provide you with practical tips and techniques for the purpose of helping you manifest your desires and create the life that you want.

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