The “I Remember When” Technique (Neville Goddard)

In this article, we will look at Neville Goddard’s “I Remember When” Technique for manifesting something. It is one of Neville’s lesser-known techniques, but still very effective if done correctly.

So, what is the “I Remember When” Technique?

The “I Remember When” Technique is a method to manifest a desire, developed by Neville Goddard. The technique is done by imagining your present situation as a memory in the past, with the implication that something better has now been accomplished.

In other words, you have to imagine your present situation as something that is in the past. While doing this, you also have to add the implication that things are no longer this way. That something better (your desire) has replaced it.

For example, in your imaginal scene, you could say, “I remember when I didn’t have any money.” This would imply that you DO have money now. Doing this will gradually cause the idea to manifest in physical form.

How Does The “I Remember When” Technique Work

If you’re already familiar with manifesting, you probably already know that impressing an idea on the subconscious (or whatever you may call it) will cause the idea to take form in the outer world.

So, the question is: does the “I Remember When” Technique do a good job of impressing your desire in the subconscious mind? The answer is yes!

The “I Remember When” Technique is actually pretty clever. This is because it reduces your present (and often very limiting) circumstances into nothing but a memory that has now been replaced by something better.

Oftentimes, people feel stuck in their circumstances, so making your circumstances a memory takes the power away from it.

When you say, “I remember when…” and then state how things “was,” like your financial situation, relationships, appearance, health, etc., you are implying that it is no more.

Using the example as before, when you say, “I remember when I was poor,” you are by that statement suggesting that you now aren’t poor anymore.

As a side note, the method came to Neville Goddard in one of his many visions. If you’re interested, I recommend you check out this short excerpt from one of his lectures.

I will also link another lecture by Neville Goddard in which he talks about how he found this method: I Remember When (Lecture), 1968, Neville Goddard

Two Ways Of Using The “I Remember When” Technique

Tage “I Remember When” Technique works both for getting out of a negative situation and for simply manifesting something good.

Of you want to get out of a negative situation you can say something like this:

  • “I remember when I didn’t have any friends” – implying that you now have a good social life.
  • “I remember when I was poor” – implying that you now are rich, or not poor at least.
  • “I remember when I hadn’t manifested anything” – implying you now have seen proof of manifesting.
  • “I remember when I was alone” – implying you now aren’t lonely.
  • “I remember when I didn’t have a car” – implying you now have a car.

The common thread with the phrases shown above is that they imply that you are no longer in your particular negative situation.

This technique can also be used in the affirmative or for simply manifesting good things. For example:

  • “I remember when I got that pay raise” – here, remembering the event in which you got a pay raise.
  • “I remember when I went on that date with that person” – again, remembering a specific event.
  • “I remember when I finally got my first successful manifestation” – implying that you successfully manifested something.
  • “I remember when life began to go my way” – implying that life is now going your way.

Do you see the difference between the two?

One takes your current situation, makes it something in the past, and replaces it with something good.

The other affirms the happening of certain things, which is a great way to manifest specific events or goals.

Both should in theory work equally well. So you can choose the variation you feel is most appropriate to your situation.

How To Do The “I Remember When” Technique (SATS)

This is how I recommend you do the “I Remember When” Technique:

  1. Choose a goal
    For example, getting a pay raise.
  2. Make up an imaginal scene where think of your present state, is in the past
    For example, make a scene where you sit at home and think to yourself, “I remember when I didn’t have such a high income” or, “I remember when I got my pay raise.”
  3. Go into the Deep State of Consciousness
    Doing this makes it easier to turn your attention to your imaginal act.
  4. Enact your scene
    Feel it real. The clarity or coherence of your scene’s visual and sensory aspects is NOT important. The important thing is to be in the same mental state you would be in if your scene was actually happing. You probably will get certain flashes or moments where the scene feels very real. But if you don’t that’s fine, it will still work. Striving for perfection everytime is counterproductive.
  5. Repeat the scene until you feel you have done it enough
    Once you have looped your scene for a while, you will likely feel a sense of satisfaction.
  6. Wake Up
    The desire has now been impressed. You will probably need to repeat this process once a day before the full manifestation, but if you do manage to make changes in the subconscious, then results must appear.

If doing this is an enjoyable experience and if you feel like you in some way are “connecting” or merging yourself with the imaginal scene, then you are doing it correctly.

I recommend you do this technique once every day until your goal manifests or you feel that you don’t need to do it anymore.

This way of doing the “I Remember When” Technique builds on Neville Goddard’s “SATS” Technique. If you’re not familiar with it, I highly recommend you read my article on the “SATS” Technique.

Is This The Right Technique For You?

Doing the “I Remember When” Technique is easier than regular visualization. This is because you are imagining a memory, and your memory is already not as clear as the “real world.”

With this technique, you are making a mental scene in which you think back on another mental scene (the memory). It is like an imaginal act within an imaginal act.

Since your memory of an event is not as “real” as the actual event you are remembering, the memory you imagine during when doing this technique also does not have to be that “real.”

Final Thoughts

The “I Remember When” Technique has, in my experience, worked really well. But remember, that techniques are not what holds the power, and pretty much all techniques work.

If you want to learn how to manifest you simply just have to jump into it with both feet. There is no other way.

In the beginning, nothing will probably happen. But through trial and error, you will eventually succeed. Like any other skill, the ability to consciously manifest something needs to be developed.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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