All Neville Goddard’s Books In Order: Complete List With Summaries

In this article, I have listed all of the books that were written by Neville Goddard.

I have also given a quick summary of each book.

All of Neville Goddard’s books are in the public domain and, therefore, free to read online.

I have only included the books Neville Goddard wrote himself, not other books published in his name.

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Which Neville Goddard Book Should I Read First?

All of Neville Goddard’s books are beginner friendly. There are, however, two books I believe to be especially helpful for beginners.

As the first Neville Goddard book you read, I recommend going for either The Power of Awareness (longer book) or Feeling is The Secret (shorter book)

Both are straight to the point, and it’s easy to know what you have to do after reading them.

If you don’t mind reading a longer book, even though it’s not that long, start with The Power of Awareness (1952). In my opinion, this is the most comprehensive book, and it will give you the broadest understanding of how to manifest something.

If you want a shorter book, go for Feeling is The Secret (1944). It’s a lot shorter (only around 18 pages), but it still has the essence of Neville Goddard’s teachings and is enough for you to begin putting the power of manifestation into practice.

At Your Command (1939)

No Chapters

At Your Command (1939) is the first book Neville Goddard wrote.

“Can man decree a thing and have it come to pass? Most decidedly he can!” These are the opening lines of the book. The main point Neville hammers home in this book is that awareness is the one and only reality. By declaring something in consciousness, you cause the creation of the desired thing.

Neville also talks about how the Bible is a psychological drama in man’s consciousness and not a record of historical facts.

He identifies the “I Am” as the name of God and believes that Moses and the prophets found God to be man’s awareness of being. This idea is further elaborated on in the New Testament when Jesus says, “I AM the way; I AM the Alpha and Omega.”

Neville talks about how you can go into a deep state of consciousness by turning away from the outer world and in a meditative state declaring “I Am,” I Am,” “I Am,” feeling yourself to be formless. This state gives you the power to become one with your desire.

Your Faith Is Your Fortune (1941)


1: Before Abraham Was
2: You Shall Decree
3: The Principle of Truth
4: Whom Seek Ye?
5: Who Am I?
6: I Am He
7: Thy Will Be Done
8: No Other God
9: The Foundation Stone
10: To Him That Hath
11: Christmas
12: Crucifixion and Resurrection
13: The I’m-Pressions
14: Circumcision
15: Interval of Time
16: The Triune God
17: Prayer
18: The Twelve Disciples
19: Liquid Light
20: The Breath of Life
21: Daniel in the Lions’ Den
22: Fishing
23: Be Ears That Hear
24: Clairvoyance
25: 23rd Psalm
26: Gethsemane
27: A Formula for Victory
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In “Your Faith Is Your Fortune,” Neville delves a lot deeper into the psychological interpretation of the Bible. He is heavy-handed with Bible verses and explains what they truly mean.

The book provides a comprehensive guide to using the law. It explains how prayer means going within and then contemplating the desire as an accomplished fact. According to Neville, consciousness is the one and only reality, and prayer means embodying a new state of consciousness, causing new manifestations to occur.

One unique aspect of “Your Faith Is Your Fortune” is that it explores the time interval for desires to manifest.

In the chapter “The Interval of Time,” Neville explains how to speed up the manifestation process. Confidence in your imagination is what shortens the interval of time. The interval of time for a manifestation to occur is not fixed; it is based on your concept of self.

Freedom for All (1942)


1: The Oneness of God
2: The Name of God
3: The Law of Creation
4: The Secret of Feeling
5: The Sabbath
6: Healing
7: Desire, the Word of God
8: Faith
9: The Annunciation

“Freedom for all” is a great book, though often overlooked. Like all the other books, Neville first explains how consciousness is the cause of the world we experience.

This book is filled with his reinterpretation of the scriptures. He explains how different stories from the bible are basically manuals telling us how to use the law.

In the first part of the book, Neville talks about how the pure consciousness must be “ONE,” from which all conditioned states spring. Along with this, he also talks about how God’s name holds the clue for the process of how consciousness manifests itself.

By feeling the accomplishment of our desire, the “invisible state will objectify itself; the invisible will be made visible.”

In the chapter“The Sabbath,” Neville talks about how when a person has imagined their desire, they will enter into “mental rest.” This is where the subjective state will begin to embody itself.

Near the end of the book, Neville explains how imagining a friend’s voice is a good method to impress your consciousness. Cultivate an attitude of listening and imagine a friend telling you how lucky and fortunate you are to have realized your desire.

Feeling Is the Secret (1944)


1: The Law and Its Operation
2: Sleep
3: Prayer
4: Spirit – Feeling

In “Feeling Is The Secret,” Neville first explains that consciousness is the fundamental reality. Knowledge of the law of consciousness will allow us to accomplish anything we desire.

Our mind is made up of two aspects; the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind being the creative power. The subconscious will accept the ideas the conscious mind feels to be true. It will then express those ideas in physical form. Impressing an idea on the subconscious mind is what we need to do in order to manifest it.

The Search (1946)

No Chapters

This is a very short piece of text by Neville, where he, in simplest terms, basically explains that imagination is what creates reality. He dedicated it to his daughter, Victoria Goddard.

The book is often sold in combination with “Awakened Imagination,” under the title “Awakened Imagination & The Search.”

I don’t recommend you buy a physical copy of “The Search” as it’s very short. You are better off just reading it online.

Here is a link to where you can read “The Search” for free.

Prayer – The Art of Believing (1946)


1: Law Of Reversibility
2: Dual Nature Of Consciousness
3: Imagination & Faith
4: Energy & Power
5: Law Of Thought Transmission
6: Good Tidings
7: The Greatest Prayer

“Prayer – The Art of Believing” is a unique addition to Neville Goddard’s books.

Neville introduces the concept of the “Law Of Reversibility,” which states that everything is reversible.

For example, as electricity can generate magnetism, magnetism can also generate electricity. By the same principle, as the accomplishment of your desire will generate a certain state of consciousness within you, inversely, cultivating that state of consciousness beforehand will cause the creation of the desire.

Neville also discusses the dual nature of the mind, vibrations of consciousness, the photophone analogy, and how the world is like a mirror. He also talks about your mind will become more amenable to suggestion when in a “hypnotic state.”

Overall, “Prayer – The Art of Believing” offers an interesting perspective on the power of imagination and manifestation. You will notice that Neville had a very different approach to this book as opposed to the others.

Out of This World (1949)


1: Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally
2: Assumptions Become Facts
3: Power Of Imagination
4: No One To Change But Self

Something unique about the book “Out of This World” by Neville Goddard is that he talks about the “fourth dimension” and how it relates to manifesting.

He begins by discussing how dimensions are a way of measuring things, with the first three dimensions being length, width, and height, while the fourth dimension is time. Everything we see in the world around us is actually a cross-section of a fourth-dimensional object. When that object changes, its third-dimensional cross-section appears to us over time.

The “spiritual view” sees things beyond the world of three dimensions, the physical world, and the “natural view” sees things from the three-dimensional.

From the perspective of the fourth dimension, past, present, and future exist simultaneously. When we use our imagination, we change the fourth-dimensional world. Since the three-dimensional world is a cross-section of the four-dimensional world, the desire will appear to use at some point in the future.

While the desire may not exist in the three-dimensional world yet, it is ALREADY a reality in the four-dimensional world.

Like most of his other books, Neville explains that imagining and feeling yourself into a mental scene which implies the fulfillment of your desire, causes your desire to manifest in the three-dimensional world.

The Power of Awareness (1952)


1: I Am
2: Consciousness
3: Power Of Assumption
4: Desire
5: The Truth That Sets You Free
6: Attention
7: Attitude
8: Renunciation
9: Preparing Your Place
10: Creation
11: Interference
12: Subjective Control
13: Acceptance
14: The Effortless Way
15: The Crown Of The Mysteries
16: Personal Impotence
17: All Things Are Possible
18: Be Ye Doers
19: Essentials
20: Righteousness
21: Free Will
22: Persistence
23: Case Histories
24: Failure
25: Faith
26: Destiny
27: Reverence
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The Power of Awareness is probably one of Neville’s most comprehensive books, containing all you need to know to put the law into practice.

Something I really like about The Power of Awareness is that Neville Goddard includes case studies or success stories of people who successfully put his teachings into practice. This makes it more concrete and motivates you to actually put what he is saying into practice.

Here are some of the points that stood out to me from the Power of Awareness:

In Chapter 16, Neville Goddard talks about Personal Impotence. You cannot force your manifestation to occur. You have to surrender to that fact, admit that “I can of mine own self do nothing.”

He compares The Law of Assumption with magnetism. If you want to make magnetism, you need to conform to the law of magnetism. The same idea applies to the Law of Assumption; all you can do is change the assumption, and the manifestation will happen by itself.

Neville Goddard believes that Creation Is Finished, as he explains in Chapter 10. Because creation is finished, we are only viewing already existing things with our imagination.

Using your imagination, you become one with your desired state of consciousness, and a “bridge of incidents” will appear, leading you to your desire.

In Chapter 19: Be Ye Doers, he also emphasizes that putting this into practice is important. The only way to get results is to use your imagination.

Also, I highly recommend you read my “deep-dive into The Power of Awareness” article where I do an in-depth analysis of the book, and provide guidance on how you can apply its principles to successfully manifest your desires.

Awakened Imagination (1954)


1: Who Is Your Imagination
2: Sealed Instructions
3: Highways Of The Inner World
4: The Pruning Shears Of Revision
5: The Coin Of Heaven
6: It Is Within
7: Creation Is Finished
8: The Apple Of God’s Eye

In Awakened Imagination, Neville talks a lot about “states.” To achieve a desire, we need to think from the state of the fulfilled desire instead of thinking of it.

He also talks about what he called “revision.” most of the time, when manifesting, we think of getting something in the future. But imagination also be used to “revise” or change the past.

I have an article on how revision works and how to do it.

Seedtime And Harvest (1956)


1: The End Of A Golden String
2: The Four Mighty Ones
3: The Gift Of Faith
4: The Scale Of Being
5: The Game Of Life
6: Times, Time, & A Half
7: Be Ye Wise As Serpents

In this book, Neville provides insights into how to interpret the Bible in relation to achieving one’s goals. He explains that the reason many people become discouraged when reading the Bible is that they fail to understand that everything in it is purely symbolic and that it takes place on a psychological plane, where everything represents the laws and functions of consciousness.

One of the key concepts that Neville introduces is “the four mighty ones,” which are four mental functions that make up a person. According to Neville, the combination of these four “mighty ones” results in the name of the biblical God, “Yodh He Waw He” or “Jehova,” which explains how things manifest themselves.

Neville uses the analogy of the producer, author, director, and actor to explain the function of these four “mighty ones.” The combination of these four roles describes how to embody an imaginary state so that it is manifested in your experiential world.

The Law And The Promise (1961)


1: The Law: Imagining Creates Reality
2: Dwell Therein
3: Turn The Wheel Backward
4: There Is No Fiction
5: Subtle Threads
6: Visionary Fancy
7: Moods
8: Through The Looking Glass
9: Enter Into
10: Things Which Do Not Appear
11: The Potter
12: Attitudes
13: All Trivia
14: The Creative Moment
15: The Promise: Four Mystical Experiences

Neville starts the book by saying: “The purpose of the first portion of this book is to show, through actual true stories, how imagining creates reality.”

It’s filled with real-life case studies and success stories. In almost every chapter, there are stories of individuals who have successfully used the power of imagination.

I’m always a big fan of real stories in these types of books as it makes them more concrete for the reader.

Like all the other books, Neville emphasizes that the cause is imagination, and the external world is the effect, What sets The Law and the Promise apart from his other works is that so many real-world examples are included. This alone is reason enough to read the book.

Additionally, In the last chapter of the book, Neville also talks about four mystical experiences which gave him certain insights. With these, he talks about receiving “the promise.”


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