Seeing Signs But No Manifestation: Why It Happens, And How To Fix It

Have you ever experienced the frustration of seeing signs and synchronicities that seem to point toward your desired manifestation, but then the desired manifestation itself never comes?

As someone who has struggled with this very issue, I understand how frustrating this can be.

In this article, we will explore why this is happening, and then I will give you my advice on how it can be overcome.

This is the short answer:

If you see signs but the completed manifestation does not appear, it’s very most likely because you have some sort of “blockage” coming from limiting beliefs, conflicting thoughts, or not letting go of control. If you see signs, it means that you have made some sort of impression on the subconscious mind but that this impression is being counteracted by something stronger.

I also have an article on limiting beliefs and how to get rid of them, which goes well with the topic of this one. I recommend you read this article first before taking a look at that one.

What Are Signs In Manifesting

Signs (also called synchronicities) are meaningful “coincidences” that in some way relate to your desired outcome. Signs/synchronicities are not the desired end manifestation itself, but they somehow seem to be connected with your desire in some sort of way.

Just for the sake of illustration, let’s say you’re trying to manifest a certain type of car. In this scenario, a sign could be that you overhear other people talking about that specific car, advertisements pop up about that car, you see that car driving in the street, someone you know buys that car, or similar. All of these events would seem to be in some way connected with your intended manifestation. It’s not the end manifestation of you actually owning the car, but they are indicators that your imagining is not quite fruitless.

Does Seeing Signs Guarantee That Your Manifestation Will Happen

Just because you see signs doesn’t mean that your desired manifestation is guaranteed to occur. When you impress the desire on the subconscious mind, you will often see “movement” in the outer world in the form of signs and synchronicities.

The impression you’ve made on the subconscious mind works like a seed. You need to water it as well as kill off any weeds that may take strength away from it.

Therefore signs merely show that you have “made waves” in this subconscious mind, but it’s not necessarily enough to get the thing you desire to manifest.

On the contrary, seeing signs is good as it means you have “stirred the waters” within you. While signs aren’t a guarantee that your manifestation will come, they are evidence that something is happening and you’re at least doing it somewhat correctly.

Why Are Signs Manifesting But Not The Desired Outcome

There are many potential reasons why the final outcome is not appearing. I will give a few suggestions, and hopefully, you will identify the reason why this is happening in your particular situation.

I will explain in how to overcome these things a bit later on in the article.

Conflicting Thoughts

This occurs when you hold two opposing attitudes toward your desire. When you begin to dwell in doubt and worry about whether or not your manifestation will occur, you are consequently impressing opposing ideas upon consciousness. This leads to sort of a two-way stream where you sometimes go up the river and sometimes get pushed back down the river again in an endless cycle.

Try and observe your thinking and the overall attitude you have toward the thing you’re trying to manifest. Simply observing your thoughts is already a big step in changing them.

You Are Too Focused On Signs

Do not settle for breadcrumbs. When you see something you would consider a “sign” or a “synchronicity,” do not stop imagining. A sign or synchronicity is not the completed manifestation itself, so do not allow yourself to settle for it. Many “turn off the heat” when they see a sign, instead of persisting until their manifestation occurs in its full form.

While signs are evidence that some sort of impression has been made on the subconscious mind, signs do not HAVE to appear.

Many people end up relying on signs and making them their point of support. The problem is, if you focus too much on wanting to see signs, you are actually not impressing your desire on the subconscious mind, but instead, you end up impressing “signs.” That way, “signs” are the only thing that ends up manifesting because it’s what you asked for.

If you feel that you have to rely on signs for approval of your desire, it may also indicate that you do not feel “ready” for the desire in the sense that you do not feel like it could actually happen.

Make up your mind that signs are not necessary and that the only success you will accept is the actual accomplishment of the desire.

Not Believing That Your Manifestation Can Occur

A limiting belief such as this will also show itself in the form of conflicting thoughts. The desire you want to manifest also implies a big change in your life. Sometimes we are so used to things being the way they are that it’s too hard to believe that things could be different.

Try and recognize that things can change and that there is no logical reason why life HAS to be the same all the time. The simple act of recognizing that you are “state-stuck” in this manner is powerful enough to overcome it. This is also what keeps you constantly looking for and deriving reassurance from signs. The manifestation of a sign or synchronicity is usually not big enough to significantly shake up your world.

I think this is really important, so I will discuss this a bit more in the next section.

How Limiting Beliefs Keeps You From Receiving The Full Manifestation

In the last section, we talked about why signs appear but not the manifestation. The fundamental reason is limiting beliefs.

In addition to reading this article, I strongly urge you to read my article on limiting beliefs and how it hinders manifestation.

Limiting beliefs are like chains; they keep is stuck in place. Most of the time, we don’t even realize it. You can only move a very short distance, but then the chains pull you back.

The fundamental limiting belief is that you do not really believe that you can manifest the thing you want.

For example, if there is a big part of you that doesn’t believe manifesting is real, things will consequently manifest in such a way that will confirm this belief. Your belief that manifesting is not real does so that the manifestation you see is not big enough to be anything but coincidence.

In this way, the “chains” only stretch enough to allow signs to appear, but not the full manifestation. Receiving the full manifestation would mean that manifestation is real, and this goes contrary to your belief that “manifesting is not real.”

Another example is that you believe life can’t be good. This often happens if your life has, up until this point, only been a struggle and felt stagnant. From this perspective, it’s hard to believe that things could actually change, that you could actually have something good.

Again, if these kinds of limiting beliefs are too strong, when you imagine your desire with the intention of manifesting it, you meet with all sorts of opposition. This leads to this weird, circular state where you receive signs and synchronicities relating to your desire but not the desire itself. It’s like trying to row against the stream.

How To Make The End Manifestation Appear

Let’s now look at how to change this in order to receive full manifestation. This is, of course, something you need to work on within yourself, but I have provided a few suggestions that may help you.

1: Do Not Look For Signs

If you only see signs and not the desired manifestation, the first thing you need to do is not to take signs as successes. Signs are not necesarry, you don’t even have to bother looking for them.

Make up your mind you the only thing that you will accept is the desire. Do not settle for breadcrumbs.

2: Going Into Meditation

When you go into a relaxed mental state, also called the “hypnotic” state, you are more in touch with your inner power. The mind is more malleable in this state, and you are more easily able to “move” the subconscious mind.

3: Weaken Limiting Beliefs

A good way to change, or at least weaken, your limiting beliefs is to choose to believe something new.

What you habitually contemplate, think about, and dwell on will cause a gradual change in your belief system. Begin to tell yourself that you can get what you want, that you are able to manifest, and other things such as this. You don’t have to force a change in belief; just focus on telling yourself these things with the assertion that what you’re saying is true. Let the belief come by itself.

4: Imagine Your Desire Properly

Do not make the mistake of just daydreaming about your desire; manifesting something requires more intention and focus. If you only just “think” of your desire on the surface level in the hopes that it will manifest, odds are it will not happen. This can lead to mixed results, such as only seeing signs, but no big changes.

I highly recommend your read my article on Neville Goddard’s manifesting technique, as it explains in detail how to imagine your desire properly.

5: Persist

As said earlier, seeing signs is an indication that something is happening in the subconscious mind. the key is oftentimes just to persits. Keep imagining your desire and have faith that desire must eventually manifest.

You can’t just give up once a little bit of adversity falls your way. Circumstances do not matter, so you cannot rely on them to tell you when and how your desire will come.

Learning to manifest just takes work, there is no way around it. You simply have to go through a lot of trial and error and readjustment before you can become really good at it.


Seeing signs relating to your manifestation but not the end manifestation itself can be extremely frustrating. ONLY seeing signs may be an indication that you have limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, most commonly, beliefs that in some way makes you feel that your desire is unattainable.

Do not make the mistake of relying too much on signs. Keep your attention on the end goal, and do not settle for anything less. Try an regocnize some of your limiting beleifs, and affirm to yourself that you can achieve what your want as this will gradually form new beliefs.

Seeing signs can be an indication that you are going in the right direction, so oftentimes you just have to keep persisting without letting yourself fall into dispair and discouragement.

I hope you foind this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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