Do Things Get Worse Before They Get Better When Manifesting?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re working hard to manifest something, instead of smoothly sailing towards your goal, things actually seem to get worse? That you’re met with obstacles instead of progress?

Luckily, this is normal. In fact, this is not only normal, but the fact that things seemingly gets worse when you’re manifesting may actually be good sign that the manifestation you’re intending for is on it’s way and will come to you if only you keep persisting.

Let’s now dive a bit deeper into this into all this! In this article, we’ll look at why things often seem to get worse before they get better when manifesting, and what you can do about it.

In What Way Do Things Get Worse Before They Get Better?

When you are trying to manifest a certain goal or desire, you might experience your situation getting worse.

Here’s what you might experience:

  • Unexpected Challenges: Unexpected blockages, hiccups, and other unforeseen hindrances appear keeping you stuck where you are.
  • Intensified Doubts: If you’re not careful, this temporary downhill will lead you to think thoughts of “it’s not working” which, if impressed on the subconscious, will stagnate your manifestation.

The good news is that this period of your circumstances getting worse is inevitably followed by things getting better and the eventual manifestation of your desire.

Here is an example. Let’s assume you are trying to manifest being more confident. Instead of immediately or progressively becoming more confident, you might end up in a bunch of really awkward situations where you feel really small and insecure — the exact opposite of what you wanted! This would cause most people to give up. But, now that you’ve read this, you know that this is only a temporary downhill. And if you stick with it during these unfavorable circumstances, you will actually end up succeeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s almost like you are being tested. Can you persistently hold your faith in the unseen when everything seems to go against you?

If you look to the external world for reassurance, you are bound to stand or fall with it, always remember that. Keeping this in the back of your mind will help you keep from getting discouraged.

It’s important to understand that a rocky road is very likely to be part of the journey, especially if you’re a beginner to manifesting, as you still have a lot of limiting beliefs and doubts.

When things get worse after your try and manifest a desire, take it as evidence that you at least have the ability to influence your external world with the use of your mind.

A bit further down, we will look at why these hindrances appear in the first place. Just remember that it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Do Things ALWAYS Get Worse Before They Get Better?

Although things getting worse before getting better happens a lot and is not a bad thing, it isn’t bound to happen every time. Sometimes there is just constant progress on the road to success, and sometimes the manifestation appears seemingly out of nowhere without any sort of buildup.

You cannot really control the means by which your desire will manifest. Sometimes it’s turbulent, and sometimes, it’s smooth sailing. All we can do is persist in our desire. Let the circumstances take care of themselves.

When something happens, whether or not it’s good or bad, we can take it as evidence that our desire has been impressed on the inner power and that it will, as long as we persist, manifest regardless of what is happening on the outside.

Why Things Getting Worse Is Actually Good

When things get worse, it is actually a good sign that you have successfully impressed the desire on the subconscious mind and that it will manifest at some point.

Things going opposite to what you intend to manifest happen due to the fact that your limiting beliefs rise to the surface. As said before, it seems that this is a necessary step that needs to happen before our desire can appear, like we are being cleansed of them.

When you go too far beyond your present capabilities, it’s like you actually meet your beliefs and that they “act up” in the form of limitations, oppositions, and blockages in the external world.

For that reason, you can rest assured that this is part of the process and will be followed by the manifestation of, or at least progress toward, your desire.

Even if you are still skeptical about whether or not your desire will come, you can always be happy that YOU caused some sort of movement simply by using your own mind. After all, if you can manifest something bad, why shouldn’t you be able to manifest something good?

How Not To Get Discouraged When Things Are Getting Worse

Simply being aware of this phenomenon is really all you need in order to not be discouraged when your circumstances seem to get worse.

If you are aware of why things get worse before they get better and you understand that you simply need to go through this phase, you will not get discouraged as easily. If things seem to get worse, it’s very likely because it’s part of the process. We can rest assured that the clouds will clear off we just keep going.

As I mentioned before, even though things gets worse as you go for your desire it still demonstrates to you that you have the power control your reality. It’s the same principle. You caused things to get worse, but you can also cause them to get better. Just keep holding on to your desire, and do not waver in your faith that it will manifest!

Also, as you continue on your manifestation journey, it’s likely that your manifestations will come without this down hill period. This downhill period only pretty much happens to me when I am manifesting something big, and in fact, that’s not even always the case. The more experience and practice you get with manifestation the more confidence you will get in your ability, and the less limiting beliefs you’ll have. This, in turn, causes your manifestation to come faster and better the next time without this down hill period necessarily having to appear at all.

Why Do Things Get Worse Before They Get Better?

So why does thing get worse before they get better? Why couldn’t it just be linear progress up until the final manifestation of our desire?

According to the principle of manifestation, the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. When we set out to manifest a desire, it’s not uncommon for our deepest doubts and limiting beliefs related to that desire seems to get “purged” and also manifests.

For instance, if you have a poverty mindset and you attempt manifest money, it is very likely that the poverty beliefs will manifest themselves in the form of limited circumstances. The poverty beliefs might have been there for a while but become more violent, so to speak, once we try and manifest wealth.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Rising to the Surface: Limiting beliefs that have been simmering below the surface come into full view. This can temporarily worsen your situation, but it’s a necessary step.
  • Cleansing Process: Think of this phase as a cleansing where you limiting beliefs gets purged. By confronting these beliefs head-on, you’re effectively purging them from your system.
  • Making Room for New Beliefs: Once these old beliefs are acknowledged and addressed, they lose their hold, clearing the way for your intended desire to take root and begin to manifest.

This is why our situation gets worse. Your old beliefs need to rise to the surface in order to be cast out. Once a negative/limiting belief has manifested, they are out of the system, and the desired idea is able to take root.

If we persist through this — without falling into doubt and thinking “this won’t happen” — the desired manifestation will come afterwards.

Final Thoughts

So, in conclusion, the fact that things get worse before they get better is most often a good sign, and something that will solve itself if only you persists in your manifestation. It’s easier said than done, but you simply cannot rely on the external circumstances for validation as they are only a manifestation of something far deeper and for more complicated.

And remember, as you get better and more successful with manifesting, you will naturally have less and less limiting beliefs. This means that you aren’t as likely to meet with things having to get worse before they get better as you proceed on your journey!

At any rate, I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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