When Should You Give Up On A Manifestation? (And Why It’s Not A Bad Thing)

In this article, we will talk about something not often talked about: when it’s appropriate to give up on a manifestation.

Manifestation can be used to bring about any desire you may have, like career success or meaningful relationships.

However, sometimes we simply just do not seem to be able to manifest a particular thing, and even if it’s painful, the best option is sometimes simply to give up and move on.

I will give my two cents on why this is sometimes necessary, why some desires just won’t seem to budge, and how to move ahead while still developing your manifesting ability.

This is the short answer: If something is not manifesting for you, it can keep you stuck for a long time. It may also be an overall liability to your enjoyment of life. For that reason, it may be better to focus on something else in order to move ahead and potentially come back to that particular manifestation at some point in the future.

I want to clarify that just because you give up on a particular manifestation does not mean you have to give up on manifesting itself. Giving up on a particular manifestation may be necessary if it keeps you stuck.

Why Giving Up On A Manifestation Is Not A Bad Thing

If a particular manifestation is keeping you stuck, it may be a good idea to give up on it and move on.

In this sense, giving up is not a step backward but is a wise choice made for the purpose of moving ahead.

When manifesting a desire, we usually have to do a lot of mental work and spend a lot of time in imagination. It follows that focusing on one desire gives us less time and energy to focus on another.

If you keep holding on to a manifestation that, for some reason, just won’t happen, you consequently block yourself from moving on and manifesting something else.

If you’re a beginner, gaining real practical experience with manifesting is vital. If you keep stressing about a manifestation that just won’t happen for one reason or another, it may be better to go for something else.

Moving on and successfully manifesting something else, you can make a significant leap and save yourself from potentially years of going nowhere. We can become a bit narrow-minded sometimes and think that a particular thing is the only way for us to succeed or to become happy in life.

In my opinion, (and depending on what you want in life), it’s best to focus on becoming better at manifesting rather than focusing on achieving a particular thing. It’s better to create a manifesting lifestyle. Achieving a specific “thing” will not make you happy, as you will simply just want something else once you get there.

You Can Always Come Back To It

Consider that you can always come back and try and manifest the specific thing later on when the future when you may have gotten better at manifesting.

You may have bitten more off than you can chew, but if you strengthen your manifesting ability, chances are that you will easily be able to manifest that particular desire at some point in the future.

Should You Give Up Or Keep Persisting

Sometimes the right option is to give up completely, and other times the adversity or “stuckness” you are experiencing will go away by continuing in your manifestation.

The only one that can really answer whether you should give up on a manifestation or you should persist is you. You simply have to trust your own judgment and intuition.

I will, however, give a few suggestions as to when it’s LIKELY that persisting is the right option.

As a general rule, you will always meet with adversity when you’re trying to accomplish something new, and this is to be overcome by persisting in your desire. The vast majority of the manifestations you are going to have will always require persistence. If you just throw your hands up and give up at the first sign of failure, you obviously won’t get anywhere.

If you always quit, you will never have success with anything. I think the most important thing you should focus on is learning to manifest if you’re a beginner. It really doesn’t matter what particular thing you successfully manifest as long as you actually manifest something.

Also, if you see any sort of “movement” related to your manifestation, it is a good indication that you should persist. Even if the end goal hasn’t manifested yet, seeing signs and synchronicities related to the intended manifestation means that you are at least impressing some sort of idea on the subconscious mind. In this case, persisting by either continuing to do what you are doing or maybe even readjusting a little is very likely the right option.

Indications That Giving Up On A Manifestation May Be The Best Option

With almost any manifestation, you need persistence. But at what point should you go on to completely give up on a manifestation? This is something you need to answer for yourself by your own judgment, but I will give you some suggestions that may be helpful.

It’s Taking Too Long

I see this most commonly with people having a big desire which they believe is the only way they will ever get happy. I have seen people cling to a manifestation for years, continually going in a circle. Generally speaking, I would say that if you have spent over a year on a manifestation and you haven’t seen any sort of progress, I would personally move on to manifest something else. I would probably even do it earlier. Even though certain big desires most likely will take a long time, staying stuck in the same loop for a really long time will not move ahead in life.

It’s Taking Up Too Much Of Your Focus

This goes with the former point. By spending all of your attention on a certain thing, you limit yourself from other potential avenues.

Ask yourself, is this really worth it? Will manifesting something else give me better results?

You Are Sacrificing Your Mental Well-Being

If you become too dependent on your manifestation, and it does not manifest, it can have a really negative effect on your mental well-being.

As an example, many people do sacrifice their mental well-being because they try and manifest a relationship. If they fail to do so, they never really move on from that person and allow the behavior of that person to control their emotional well-being. In this case, if trying to manifest a specific person does not allow you to move on from them, give up on it and make sure that you are the one in control.

In general, if something just doesn’t want to manifest it can be extremely frustrating. Again, look at the big picture. Is my obsession with manifesting this one thing keeping me stuck and limiting my potential?

You Don’t Really Want It Anymore

If you don’t want to manifest the particular thing you had in mind anymore then don’t do it. Even though you may think this is obvious, there are, surprisingly, some people who believe that once they have started manifesting something, they HAVE to follow through with it, or else they’ve somehow “failed.”

If you are walking toward the grocery store but then decide that you don’t actually want anything from there, you will simply just turn around. It’s not like you HAVE to go there just because you’ve already started walking in that direction.

Being Too Emotionally Attached To Give Up

If you have a huge desire you are extremely emotionally attached to, it’s very easy to get in your own way, to fall into doubt and worry.

Many do this and waste years of their life with something that they already know won’t really work.

This isn’t to say that you can’t manifest something you deeply desire or something huge, but it is harder, and may not be suited for you if you have limited manifesting experience.

Becoming Too Stubborn To Give Up On A Manifestation

If you have spent a long amount of time and a good amount of effort on a manifestation, it’s more likely that you do not want to let go of it, as you may feel that all that time and all that effort have been wasted.

You become more and more dependent on the manifestation and become more apt to block your own way. This, in turn, keeps you in a circular loop of stubbornness where nothing is manifesting, and you don’t want to move on from it because you have already invested too much in it.

It could be that the manifestation comes, or it could be that you will stay stuck. Ask yourself, which one of the two do you think it will be if you stick with the manifestation?

Conclusion: How To Move On

In conclusion, using the power of manifestation can bring your desires into reality, but not every manifestation will be successful, and giving up on a specific manifestation may be necessary to move ahead in life.

Persisting is important, but if something is taking up too long or taking up too much of your focus, it may be best to give up and focus on something else.

Giving up is not a step backward but is a wise choice made for the purpose of moving ahead. It’s essential to focus on becoming better at manifesting rather than achieving a specific thing. If not being able to manifest a specific thing is blocking you, give up on it and move on. Remember that you can always come back to a specific manifestation later when you have gotten better at manifesting.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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