Why Do I Manifest The Opposite Of What I Want?

When you try to manifest something, you may sometimes find that you end up with the opposite of what you intended. For example, if you’re trying to manifest a new job, you may end up losing your current job instead. Or, if you’re trying to manifest a loving relationship, you may end up attracting someone who is emotionally unavailable.

This is known as manifesting the opposite. The reason for this is due to underlying limiting beliefs that are “flipping” the intention around, giving you the opposite. These limiting beliefs are often deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind, and they can cause you to sabotage your own desires without even realizing them.

To overcome opposite manifestation, you need to identify and address these limiting beliefs. This requires a bit of self-reflection and introspection, as you need to uncover the beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with more empowering ones. (We will talk about how to do this later)

Once you’ve overcome the limiting beliefs in question, you’ll find that your manifestations start aligning with your intentions.

What Are Opposite Manifestations (or Reverse Manifestations)

When you try and manifest something you desire, it can be discouraging to see the opposite come into its place. These “opposite manifestations” or “reverse manifestations” most often happen in areas where you have a lot of emotional attachment, such as your social life, love life, finances, physical appearance, and so on.

When you are very emotionally attached to something, you are more likely to introduce an inverse mental state consisting of fear and worry. This inverse state lead to inverse results. For instance, if you hold an inverse mental state when manifesting love, you may unintentionally manifest a lack of it due to fear of rejection or loneliness.

You can divide opposite manifestations into two main categories: manifesting the complete opposite of what you desire, or manifesting blockages or obstacles that in some way put a wall between you and your desire.

The first category is arguably the worst, as it results in the complete opposite of you wanted. For example, you may intend to manifest more money but end up losing it instead.

The second one is where you manifest blockages or obstacles, which materializes as reasons why your desire can’t happen. For example, you decide you want to gain muscle. You imagine that you’re strong and in great shap, but one day you slip on a towel, fall on the ground and hurt your hand. You are unable to do any workouts for the next month, and you have unintentionally manifested an injury keeping you from gaining muscle.

Manifesting the opposite/reverse of what you want is quite common, especially for beginners. The only way out of this is to keep going. By working on your limiting beliefs and by persisting in your intention, you will eventually have weathered the storm, and the outcome you intended will actually appear.

Reasons Why You Manifest The Opposite Of What You Want

In manifesting, beliefs act like gatekeepers, deciding what can and can’t come into your life. You cannot nit-pick, you must align your whole mind with your desire.

Manifesting the opposite of your intention comes because you have beliefs that don’t “allow” your desire to occur. You’re mentally working to produce one result, but since there is a strong belief that does not agree with it, the manifestation gets blocked or even reversed. It may also be that you initially didn’t have such a limiting belief, but you, while in the process of manifesting, gradually developed one.

You can very often tell that you have limiting beliefs by observing the doubts and worries that play in your mind (more on this later). Dwelling on doubtful thoughts only reinforces the limiting belief in question.

Opposite manifestations are very often tied to emotional attachment. When you are really anxious about a desired outcome, it can very often lead to worry and fear, creating limiting beliefs that reverse or block the thing that you want.

Most often, your limiting beliefs will only create “blockages,” but if they are REALLY strong, then it’s more likely that a complete reverse or opposite manifestation will occur.

For example, there are many people with very negative and deeply limiting views on money, so when they try and manifest attainment of money, they may successfully “stir up” the subconscious mind, but due to their deep-rooted beliefs, the resulting manifestation can only be a bad one.

It can also just be a belief that “life never goes my way.” This belief will show itself in all aspects of life. Every time you try and manifest something good, this belief will reverse or block this “goodness” giving you something bad instead.

It’s almost like a strong rubber band that pulls you in the completely opposite direction if you move too far away.

Why Opposite Manifestations Aren’t Necessarily Bad

Even though opposite manifestations seem bad on the surface, they are actually also really good, as they show you that you have successfully manifested something, although just not what you wanted.

YOU caused the opposite manifestation, which means there is no reason why you can’t cause the desired manifestation.

Let me explain. Opposite manifestations still demonstrate your ability to manifest, even if you only make bad manifestations. The outcome may not have been successful, but you still displayed your manifesting-power, and this is a success in itself!

Also, just because something opposing happened at first, it doesn’t mean that your intention won’t follow afterward. Sometimes things get worse before flipping around and becoming better. This is part of the reason why persistence is so important.

Remember, you do not determine the external events that lead up to the achievement of your desire, and when you have a bunch of limiting beliefs, it is only natural that it isn’t smooth sailing all the way.

So, if you manifest the opposite, don’t get discouraged. Be happy that YOU caused it, and know that you also have it in you to manifest what you want.

How To Not Manifest The Opposite Of What You Want

Since negative beliefs are the culprit of opposing manifestations, you need to get rid of them. Here are some things to keep in mind.

First of all, be content with the fact that YOU caused the opposite manifestation, as it is proof that you can also get what you do want.

The strange thing is if you consistently keep trying to manifest random things, even if you get the opposite, you will begin to develop the belief that you can actually manifest. Your mind will slowly but automatically begin to realize that there is no reason why you can’t create the things you want rather than the things you don’t want. And, even if you get no results, it’s still like you are developing a hidden muscle.

A good way is to practice your manifesting ability in areas that do not matter that much to you. Try and manifest things that don’t really matter that much to you, only for the purpose of building your manifesting muscle. Constantly use your imagination. It’s not a magic trick to be used sparely, but a skill that should be used all the time.

If you know, or at least have a suspicion about, what the negative beliefs you might have surrounding something, you could also directly target them. For example, let’s say you know that you have some belief that you do not “deserve” something or a “meant” to have something. A good way is to go into a relaxed state of consciousness and affirm that you do “deserve” or “should have” whatever it is. This part relies heavily on your own introspection. The idea is to slowly burn away those limiting beliefs that create opposite manifestations.

I have an article on getting rid of limiting beliefs, which discusses this in more detail.

Also, persist in the desired “state” without letting yourself fall into fear. Simply let yourself experience your desire in imagination. As you do this, you fuse with that state of consciousness, which automatically moves you from the old state of consciousness. As you dwell in the new state, make up your mind that your old limiting beliefs are not controlling you anymore. Taking your attention away from them disolves and replaces them.

If roadblocks appear in the external world, hold on to your ideal with faith that it does not rely on circumstances, but instead produces new circumstances.

Can Opposite Manifestations Be Turned Around

Since you have caused the opposite manifestation to occur, you can just as easily cause the intended manifestation to occur, even if the opposite has happened first.

We do not determine the means by which something occurs. Both our present limited circumstances and our desired circumstances come from the same source. If you keep persisting in our intended goal, and you do not give power to the limiting beliefs in their way, it will eventually manifest as you intended it.


Opposite manifestations happen when you try to manifest something you desire, but you end up with the opposite of what you want or blockages that put a wall between you and your goal.

This occurs due to underlying limiting beliefs that are “flipping” your intention around. Beliefs act like gatekeepers and decide what can and can’t come into your life. Opposite manifestations most often happen in areas where you have a lot of emotional attachment.

To overcome opposite manifestations, you need to identify and address these limiting beliefs through self-reflection and introspection. With time and persistence, the limiting beliefs will disappear along with the external blockages.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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