Does Manifestation Actually Work? An Exploration

Does manifestation actually work? This article is for those who want to learn manifestation though cannot help but be a bit skeptical.

The short answer is yes — I know that manifestation works, but I will not try and prove this to you because I cannot do better than give anecdotal evidence. If, however, you are sufficiently motivated to experiment with it, I believe you will find that it really does work. By testing it yourself, your understanding and conclusions about manifestation are based not on mine or any other people’s claims, but on your own experiences and insights.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the belief that an individual has the power to turn a purely mental wish into a tangible reality through “the power of the mind.” Inherent in this belief is that there must be some supernatural force or a set of undiscovered physical laws that provide a link between the inner world and physical reality. As an example, a person wishing for more money, better relationships, or a generally more fulfilling life can produce such conditions in their life, through the power of manifestation.

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The Common Consensus — Does It Work?

The common consensus is that manifestation is not real. If it produces any effect at all it is through psychological and behavioral mechanisms — nothing extraordinary is at play.

A common conception is that certain manifestation practices, like visualization, do have efficacy in that they reorient one’s behavioral and cognitive functions in a way that leads one to be more productive, focused, and motivated toward the attainment of their goal. Most would agree that this is all there is to it.

A Feel-Good Idea?

Furthermore, the people who preach manifestation may not always know what they are talking about. Manifestation is no doubt an attractive idea, and some may use this as an opportunity to make a quick buck by selling things like guides, books, and courses without really having any real knowledge on the subject. It may also be that some choose to believe in manifestation because it helps them cope with a sense of powerlessness in life. Manifestation is no doubt a feel-good idea, and can, at first sight, be brushed off as nothing else but that.

There is No Scientific Evidence For Manifestation

Currently, there is no scientific evidence of manifestation. Now, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Conducting a proper scientific experiment on manifestation, not to mention developing a precise theory, would extremely hard and will probably only possible in some distant future.

The real problem, however, that further taints the concept of manifestation, is that some modern advocates point to scientific ideas like the many worlds theory, entanglement, the double slit experiment, etc., and claim that this somehow is evidence for manifestation. A scientist would think that they are extrapolating and concluding more than these scientific concepts can account for (if not completely misinterpreting them). Of course, just because something isn’t scientifically validated yet does not mean it is not real, but these over-extrapolations definitely help to paint manifestation as a false concept.

All of these combined raise red flags regarding manifestation. But what about all the claims that it does work? Are these just to be ignored? Well, there seems to be a good explanation for this too: manifestation is merely an appearance that comes from a change in behavior and perception.

Psychological Benefits of Manifestation

Irrespective of whether or not manifestation actually has the power to influence the physical world, there are, as alluded to earlier, positive mental, behavioral, and even physical benefits of performing certain practices endorsed in manifestation.

Evidence from psychological research supports the use of techniques like visualization and positive affirmations, for achieving personal goals and enhancing performance. For example, studies in sports psychology have demonstrated that athletes who engage in mental visualization exercises can improve their physical performance. It has also been shown that positive expectations can lead to physical changes, such as people gaining strength by merely visualizing themselves lifting weights.

There are also a lot of parallels to be drawn to hypnosis. In hypnosis, the subject is first drawn into trance. From here, the hypnotist gives a suggestion which then sinks into the subconscious or unconscious mind of the subject. Hypnotherapy is a recognized form of therapy and often used in the treatment of anxiety and stress.

But now I want to go further than this. The behavioral, mental, and physical practices are great and all, but calling this “manifestation” is a bit of a stretch. What we want to explore is whether manifestation has any extraordinary merit to it; can we, through the use of our minds, really change the physical world?

Is There Any Reason To Believe In Manifestation At All?

So, there isn’t any scientific evidence for it, and most people do not really believe that it is possible. This, however, does not mean that it is not real.

Manifestation: An Ancient Concept

While not really evidence I feel compelled to say that manifestation is far from a new idea. It has roots that can be traced back through history and often intertwines with various spiritual traditions. Particularly certain Eastern traditions believed that consciousness, or a kind of universal mind substance, is the foundation of reality. Therefore, by reciting specific mantras, one is believed to be able to influence this fundamental consciousness, causing it to project new manifestations into physical reality.

Of course, just because it is an ancient concept doesn’t make it true. But we cannot brush it off as only a modern trend.

Testimonies From Others

The only real “evidence” you can get of manifestation is the success stories shared by those who practice it. It’s the stories of individuals who have successfully done it that inspire others to attempt the same. One may dismiss these accounts as coincidences or the result of confirmation bias, but it could, of course, also be that some of them are true. Regardless, if you find enough testimonies from others, it may begin to sound more and more plausible. If manifestation is indeed true, even to the slightest, the potential gains far outweigh the risk of simply trying.

It’s important to understand that choosing to believe or be open-minded to manifestation does not require abandoning rational thought or scientific inquiry. If manifestation sounds like something that is somewhat plausible, and if you feel motivated to try it and stick with it for a prolonged period of time, you can, by a form of self-experiment, validate it. A claim as bold as manifestation has to be experienced firsthand to be believed.


Ultimately, the belief in manifestation is a deeply personal journey. It’s a path that invites exploration, skepticism, and, most importantly, personal experience. While the scientific community may not yet provide the framework to either dispute or validate the mechanics of manifestation, it does not mean that it is not true. The countless testimonies of others would suggest otherwise.

Either way, personal experience is far more potent. If you practice and experiment with it for yourself, I believe that you will conclude that there is at least something to it.

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I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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