How to Pick a Goal in Manifestation

how to pick a goal when manifesting

Today, I will give my advice on how to pick the right goal for manifestation.

The reason one should be careful just picking any goal is due to belief. If one cannot truly believe that a goal is within their ability to reach, the goal cannot be manifested.

If you are new to manifestation, I highly recommend you read my article “The Complete Guide to Manifestation for Beginners” before you continue with this one.

The Takeaway

1) Pick a goal you are motivated toward
2) Pick a goal you believe you can achieve
3) If you pick a specific goal, pair it with broad changes to your state of consciousness
4) Pick a goal where it would not be the end of the world if you failed

What is Manifestaiton

Manifestation is the spiritual belief that we, as individuals, can through the power of the mind turn our mental desires into physical fact. I explain this further in my article “What is manifestation? Explained for Beginners.”

What to Manifest?

In the beginning, when you are still doubtful about manifestation in general, pick a goal you believe you can achieve. If you choose a goal so far out that faith cannot follow, you will not be able to attain it.

Say for instance you have a hard time believing that manifestation can make an influence outside of your own mind and body. In this case, it would be easier to start with ego-strengthening goals, like for example:

  • Becoming more confident
  • more hardworking and productive
  • more comfortable talking and connecting with people — if you have low social confidence
  • more attractive
  • And so on…

An ego-strengthening goal is basically any goal that enhances a quality within your mind or body.

Maybe you do not have trouble believing that thought can produce an external influence. In this case, you could also try a “test manifestation” where you try and manifest something small that is still within the realm of belief. Here, I recommend you read my article on “Small Things to Manifest for Beginners.”

Now, the important thing is to get success of some kind with manifestation — even if it’s just a little bit. Not only will this mean you have stumbled upon the right method of procedure (which is tricky and requires practice) but your faith in manifestation will also skyrocket. This enables you to move on to bigger and better goals.

There is a third thing, which is manifesting broad or general improvement. I will talk about this in the next section.

A Mistake When Picking a Goal: Going Ultra-Specific

When it comes to manifestation, a lot of people like to go ultra-specific. For example, they may say “I want this exact amount of money” as opposed to simply “being wealthy.”

Do not get me wrong, specific manifestations do definitely work, no doubt about it. But it is here that we must consider belief; It is obviously harder for you to believe that you can manifest an exact amount of money as opposed to wealth in its generic sense. It is harder for your mind to argue with a vague concept like “wealth” or “wealth is coming my way” but it can easily argue against the fact that you are currently not in possession of the particular sum wished for. The mind will in the latter case quickly conclude that this must not be working. Therefore, broad, generic goals are more believable and thus more attainable.

Now, there’s another reason why one should consider going for broad or general goals. Say for instance I had always been poor; always struggling to pay my bills, and always having to work overtime. My overall state of mind is “I am poor.” On top of this, imagine that I am generally unsuccessful in life, that I think of myself as incapable of success, and never really expect much good out of life.

Let’s say that one day I decided, “I want to manifest $10,000.” Unfortunately for me, that thought would very easily be overcome by the failure-oriented state of consciousness, and I would get no results. My mind being used to failure and a lack of finance, would totally dismiss the attainment of such a number.

Instead, what if I decided that I wanted to alter my overall state of consciousness; that I wanted to transform it into one of “success” and “wealth,” rather than fixating on a specific outcome? In succeeding with this, I would have turned the whole ship of my mind around. Since I am now “successful” I can now easily go for a more specific manifestation like “$10,000.” Why? Because the idea of manifesting $10,000 dollars is supported by this newfound state of consciousness. My mind now thinks “I can be successful” and “money is attainable for me,” and therefore, there will be way less resistance in my attempt to manifest my desired sum of money.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? A big reason why so many struggle, I believe, is that they treat manifestation as a shortcut when, in reality, they would get far better results if they focused more on the dominating, overarching states within their subconscious. That is why in my article “Getting Started with Manifestation for Beginners” I recommend that one should perform broad affirmations like “everything is going my way” in conjunction with the endeavors to manifest a specific wish.

How Desperation For a Goal Becomes a Hindrance

Another consideration I want you to take into account is how emotional attachment to an outcome can serve as a hindrance.

If one’s failure to attain a certain goal leads to a lot of pain, fear will no doubt be there on the sideline. Let’s assume that I was desperate to manifest money. In this case, my dread of what might happen if I fail could very quickly and very easily take precedence in my mind. I may try to manifest my wealth, but if the fear is too big my attempts would call up the thought: “What if I fail?”

This does not mean you cannot manifest a goal you have emotional attachment to. Most goals are of course things that we strongly desire. I just want you to be aware of the fact that emotional attachment can quickly lead to fear. We should be careful in not letting the fear of “What if it doesn’t work?” dominate us.

Conclusion — So How Do I Pick a Goal?

To conclude things, I will quickly sum up the considerations one should make when picking a goal, especially as a beginner:

  1. Pick a goal you are motivated toward
  2. Pick a goal you believe you can achieve
  3. If you pick a specific goal, pair it with broad changes to your state of consciousness
  4. Pick a goal where it would not be the end of the world if you failed

Remember, the important thing is just to get a little bit of success, as this will cause your faith to skyrocket. Manifestation is about learning to work with that infinite power within us. And as we learn to trust this power, and begin to understand its workings, the more we can utilize it for bigger and greater goals.

I hope you found this short article helpful. Feel free to send any questions, comments, or feedback, and be sure to check out some of my other articles as well. Thanks for reading.

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