Creation is Finished: What It Really Means (Neville Goddard)

In this article, we will discuss what Neville meant when he said, “Creation is finished,” and look at some of the implications of it.

What he meant was this: when we manifest something, we are not really creating something new. Rather, we are bringing into view something already existing. We are moving into a new, already existing state of consciousness from where all the circumstances, facts, results, and so on will then appear.

Parallel Physical Worlds?

When you first hear that “creation is finished,” your mind may jump to something like the multiverse theory – that there are basically an infinite number of coexisting physical worlds. For example, if you were to flip a coin, there would be two physical worlds: one in which the coin lands tails up and one in which it lands heads up. There would be a separate reality where one event happened and a separate reality where another event happened. In this view, you slide through each of these physical worlds, much the same way that you would go frame by frame through a movie. You are, in a sense, shifting to a totally different reality every second.

This also implies that we are not creating something new when we manifest. Instead, we are shifting to a reality where the particular goal we want is already a fact. You are changing your time track – moving from one parallel universe so fast that it looks seamless.

One of the big reasons people like this idea is that it means their desires are already there. They just have to “go there.” Everything is already furnished and set up for them. It also means that if two people have conflicting desires, they will just split off into two different physical worlds.

While there is a lot of truth to this interpretation of “creation is finished,” I actually do not believe that it goes deep enough. This is because it’s assuming that the physical world, space and time, and so on, are still the fundamental “substance” of reality. But according to Neville, he was very clear on the idea that consciousness is the one and only substance of reality. Reality is much more abstract than we think.

What Does “Creation is Finished” Mean?

To understand what Neville meant by “creation is finished,” we first need to understand that consciousness is the fundamental reality.

It is helpful to divide it up in two ways: the pure consciousness (the observer) and the experience (the observed).

Pure consciousness is the absolute reality. This is consciousness in its absolute and undifferentiated state. The important thing to remember is that pure consciousness always subsists no matter the particular manifestation. This means that within you, the infinite power and infinite intelligence exist.

“The very center of consciousness is the feeling of I AM. I may forget who I am, where I am, what I am, but I cannot forget that I AM.”

Power of Awareness

It is in this pure consciousness or the “I AM” that creation is finished. It is like an infinite abstractness that, from your individual center of perception, becomes an infinite power, infinite intelligence and an infinite source that you can draw from. All states of consciousness already exist within pure consciousness. It is totally undifferentiated, and all possibilities and all things can be derived from it. It becomes an infinite and exhaustless storehouse.

From your perspective, you can work with the “I AM” within you to manifest anything. Since the I AM itself is “the source,” all possible desires, experiences, events and so on can be derived from it. Again, the key is to remember that the “I AM” is always there, at the core of your, no matter what your experiential world is like.

The physical world you see around you is merely a result of your state of consciousness. The state of consciousness is like the projector, and the physical world is the result of that projection. I will talk about this more in the “video game analogy” section.

Hopefully, you see how this differs from the idea of infinite physical worlds. In this view, consciousness is the real “substance” and the real nature of reality. When you seemingly “shift” into a new physical world, you are merely “deriving” a new state of consciousness from the “I AM,” which then projects itself in a particular way as an external experience.

Do My Desires Already Exist?

Here again, it’s important to remember that consciousness itself is an infinitude from which everything gets derived. This means that your particular desire, whether it’s getting into a relationship, becoming more accomplished in life, or even just feeling happy, is to be derived from the infinite storehouse. In a sense, it’s already there, but it is not a manifested experience for you.

As we talked about in the video game analogy, the experience of your desire does not really exist when not perceived, but the state of consciousness always exists. The particular state of consciousness is a subset of the infinite consciousness, the individual you being a part of the state of consciousness.

So, when you fuse with the already existing state of consciousness that has your desire, then the desire will project itself into experience.

The Video Game Analogy

Let’s now look at an analogy that will make this a bit clearer.

Think of your life as a video game or a virtual reality. In the video game, there is a game environment. Maybe there are cars, buildings, NPCs, other players, and so on. You play a character where you run around and do stuff.

In this analogy, the true reality is the hardware and the electrical systems in the computer. All these work to give rise to the video game. But if you thought that there was actually a red car, or a skyscraper, you would be wrong – they are all “illusions” constructed by the hardware. In the game, when you turn your camera away from one of these objects, say the skyscraper, it literally disappears.

Also, keep in mind that at no point does the hardware actually become the skyscraper you see in the game. The hardware does some stuff to make a skyscraper appear on the monitor on which you play the game. You may be able to walk around the skyscraper, and it may seem very three-dimensional to you, but it doesn’t exist when not perceived. You may also feel that your character is living in a spatial world, but in reality, the notion of distance is also an “illusion” created by the underlying hardware.

This maps on very well to reality. In your life, you are experiencing a world of time and three spatial dimensions, there are other people, and you are running around interacting in this world. When you are no longer perceiving this world, you still think that it’s there in the same way as before, existing in the same way you perceived it.

In truth, the reality you experience is an emergence of states of consciousness. Again, like with the hardware, when consciousness does something for a particular object to appear in your life, for example, consciousness never actually becomes that – it only does some sort of self-interaction that causes you to see that object. You may walk around the object and it may look like a three-dimensional object to you. But when you look away from that object, it literally disappears. When you look back, it reappears as the object that you just observed.

From this analogy, it becomes clear that since the true reality is consciousness, and that the physical world you experience can be likened to a video game, then we are playing with a totally different rule set. So when we say “creation is finished,” it means that consciousness contains all states of consciousness within itself. It doesn’t make sense to say that “a red car” exists within consciousness, the same way that “a red car” you see in a video game exists inside your computer. It is a projection resulting from something underlying it.

Do We All See The Same Reality?

Even though there is only one consciousness, it doesn’t mean that all individual beings, like you and me, necessarily perceive the same reality. As said, the reality we perceive, like the physical world, gets constructed on the go, based on the state of consciousness. Just because your senses lock you into a physical world, it doesn’t mean that this is reality.

In that sense, there is no reason why two individual beings should perceive the same external world. Yes, both exist in consciousness, but each of them might be in different states of consciousness, having totally different experiences.

Let’s use the video game analogy again. Two players playing on the same server will be able to interact with each other through the video game. But another player may be playing the same game, but may not be on the same server. This player is thus not able to interact with the two other players. The player would be existing in a separate reality from the others. If the player wanted to interact with the others, the player would have to switch to a different server.


The significance of “Creation is finished” when manifesting lies in the fact that you do not have to construct something that has never existed. You are only deriving something from the infinite storehouse within you. You are constantly pulling new experiences, good and bad, from this power. The skill of conscious manifesting is in learning to pull the ones that you actually want.

“Creation is finished” goes deeper than the idea of parallel universes. While we each may be living in our own reality of experiences, it is important to remember that the true reality is consciousness itself, totally beyond any notions of space and time and physical objects. When you manifest something new, you are not really moving to another already existing physical world; you are only deriving a new state of consciousness that then manifests as external experiences of a physical world.

As I said, this article became speculative really quickly. I hope that this article helped you, or at least gave you somewhat of a different perspective on the idea of “creation is finished.” Remember, even though exploring concepts through a philosophical lens is great, you do not have to “know it all” to manifest something. Manifesting is a skill you learn through practice; you do not learn it through intellectual knowledge.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

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