The Ultimate Guide to Faith When Manifesting: How To Have Faith And Why It’s Important

We often hear about how important it is to have faith and to believe in manifestation. But why is that, and how do you even have faith?

Having faith in a manifestation is assurance that the manifestation will appear. If you can believe in the unseen reality, you hold the key to the power of manifestation. This is because our belief in our ability to manifest actually strengthens our ability to manifest.

If you’ve never manifested anything before, having faith is not easy. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to try and believe in a manifestation when a big part of you is filled with doubt and skepticism.

In this article, we will look at what faith is, how it works, and why it’s important. I will also give you some tips for how to build faith based on what made it all work for me at the beginning of my journey.

Before we delve deeper, I want you to keep in mind that faith comes from your own experiences. While I hope to guide you, I can’t fully convince you. But if you’re willing to put in the work, I’m confident that you’ll be able to develop the faith you need to manifest your desires.

What Is Faith?

“Faith is loyalty to the unseen reality”

Neville Goddard

Faith is the same as knowing or believing. It’s a sense of certainty that your desire is real and that it can happen. Faith is not “conjuring up” the reality of the unseen, but it is an understanding that the unseen is real – irrespective of whether or not you think that it’s there.

A person with faith believes in “the law” of manifestation and knows that “what is seen is made out of things that do not appear.”

A person with faith, who wants to manifest something, understands that the desire is first created on a deeper, unseen level of reality. This deeper level of reality is often called Consciousness, Spirit, The Subconscious Mind, etc. – there are many names for it. The person is “loyal to the unseen reality” and understands that if they keep the desire alive within the subconscious mind, without hindering through a series of contrary suggestions, then it MUST manifest in the external world.

The person doesn’t worry about if or how it will come, or how long it will take. He simply yields to the power, and because he trusts the power, he doesn’t give it opposite directions by dwelling on doubtful thoughts.

The strongest faith comes from real experience. A person who KNOWS that he can manifest because he has done it before will naturally have faith that he can manifest something again.

Faith is not necessarily based on believing in something with no evidence. You can have faith in something you KNOW works. For example, an engineer needs to have faith in the mathematical descriptions of gravity in order to send a rocket into space.

So, faith is really just another word for knowing. You know your manifestation will come because you trust in the manifestation process. Because you know that something will happen, you are directing your inner power to that outcome.

Why Faith Is Important

If you do not have faith in the power of manifestation itself or in the manifestation of your desires, then you cannot manifest.

The “law” in manifestation is that Consciousness creates reality and that you are, as an individual being, creating your own reality by intentional or unintentional cooperation with the “deeper consciousness” within you.

The external reality is a manifestation of your consciousness. So, if you do not have faith and say, “I cannot manifest,” then you cannot manifest.

If you believe that you cannot manifest a particular desire, like more money, for example, then this manifests as your inability to manifest more money.

In the same way, if you do not believe that manifesting will work for you or that it’s not even real, then this will manifest as your inability to manifest anything at all. This is why faith is important!

Since your beliefs manifest, your belief that “this can’t happen” or that “manifesting doesn’t work” also manifests. You are effectively manifesting your own inability to manifest because you believe that it is not possible.

Faith In Manifestation Itself Gives You More Manifesting-Power

You can never escape the fact that you are always manifesting. Your external world will always be a reflection of what is going on within you.

The reason you do not realize this is that you do not believe in manifesting. Since our beliefs manifest, the belief that manifesting is not real will create a sort of “veil” over reality, making the world look like it’s governed by luck, coincidence, and purely external action.

Because of your “unbelief” in manifesting, your world must reflect that belief, and thus, you will not be able to consciously manifest your desires or anything at all for that matter.

Accordingly, if you dabble between believing that you can manifest and not believing you can manifest, you may be able to manifest small “coincidences” occasionally but no real convincing results.

This is why you hear things such as “faith moves mountains.” As you gradually build faith in manifesting, it becomes more and more real. Your belief that manifesting works makes it work more for you, and the “veil” of luck an coincidence is gradually lifted.

Having Faith In A Specific Manifestation

To manifest a desire, you need to have faith in that desire. You need to know that your desire is on its way.

As said earlier, you need to have faith in the reality of manifesting itself because the more you believe in it, the more power your get. When manifesting something specific, you also need to have faith that your particular desire will appear. It is based on the same idea as before – if you believe that your desire can manifest, then it can, and if you believe it can’t, then it can’t.

So to manifest something, you need to have faith that it will manifest. You need to believe or at least be open-minded to the fact that your desire is already in existence. It must exist in some way, for it can take physical form. It exists in some abstract way before it is manifested into a tangible result.

You also understand that the manifestation of it, the appearance of it in physical form, will happen if you stay faithful to the desire. You are allowing it “grow” into existence.

Let’s look at an example of what it means to have faith in a manifestation. Say you want to manifest something. To set the desire in motion, you imagine it through visualization, affirmations, feelings, or any other method of impressing your subconscious mind. Then you need to believe in it. If your dominant mindset becomes, “It can’t happen,” then you are effectively implanting ideas of the opposite kind. Your faith needs to have faith that it will happen. This keeps the desire “alive” within you, and the eventual manifestation of it in the physical world must follow.

How To Have Faith When You’re Manifesting Something

Before we look at how to build faith, it’s important to understand that you can’t just have complete and absolute faith until you have a good number of real successes manifesting for yourself.

A big part of having faith is a change in attitude and how you choose to think about things, and this is the key to start building faith when you haven’t really had any big manifestations yet.

Here are some suggestions for how to build faith:

1: Choosing To Believe (the first step)

Manifesting obviously seems extremely woo-woo in the beginning. Maybe you’re new to the concept, or maybe you are simply struggling to achieve results with it. You probably really want to believe in it, but there’s a part of that is still very skeptical – and that’s okay! It’s impossible to be completely convinced until you SEE manifesting work for you firsthand.

First, let’s discuss how belief, to some extent, is actually a choice.

There are two options: the belief manifesting or the belief that it is not real. These are two distinct premises, and once you accept one, you need to think in a way that aligns with the logical consequences of that premise. If you believe that manifesting is not possible, then logically, there is no reason even to try. However, if you choose to believe that manifesting is real, you’ll need to commit fully to that premise – how else would you test it? It’s easier not to fall into doubt this way because you are simply just putting it to the test.

You need to choose to believe that it is real and let your habitual thinking align with that premise. This is the first step towards having faith in manifesting – even if you’re not completely convinced.

2: Look At Past Successes

Looking at past successes that you may have had in your manifesting journey will give you reassurance.

I highly recommend that you keep a list of as many of your manifestations as possible, both big and small. When you intentionally manifest something, write down what happened, what you did, and how it all felt. Over time, this list will become more and more valuable as you will have hard evidence that you can manifest.

Also, include failed manifestations in the list, as this allows you to reflect on patterns and perhaps allows you to spot fatal flaws in your thinking. From here, you can readjust and refine the manifesting process.

3: Surrender All Control

When manifesting something, surrender all control to the subconscious mind and then have faith in it.

Remember that your job is to suggest your desire to the subconscious mind and then to trust that it will do the work.

The subconscious mind is the thing that does the actual work, not the individual you.

If you try and “force” things with your conscious mind, you are not transferring the job to the subconscious mind but only exhausting yourself. The subconscious mind is the thing that creates the desire, and if you only keep things “in your own head,” then no results will come.

Yield control to the subconscious mind. Do your part by suggesting the desire to it (through visualization, affirmations, etc.), then let the subconscious mind create it. Don’t worry about current circumstances or about HOW it will happen. The HOW is also determined by the subconscious mind. Trust that if you keep the idea “alive” in the subconscious mind, it will be created externally.

Furthermore, you also can’t force the subconscious mind to “hold” an idea even when the idea is not yet manifested. You can only imagine or affirm it, and it’s the subconscious mind that “holds” it. This is like making waves in a pond – you touch the water, but it’s the water that creates the waves.

4: Constantly Attempt To Manifest – Even If You Repeatedly Fail

Constantly try to manifest, no matter how often you fail. You don’t need to only focus on one thing.

When you eventually do begin to see results, this will drastically increase your faith, which, in turn, increases your manifesting power even more.

It’s okay to fail in manifesting the same way it’s okay to fail when practicing any other skill. In fact, constant readjustment and self-reflection is the only path forward.

5: Meditate And Use Your Imagination

Most people only ever perceive the external world and thus think of it as the only aspect of reality.

But when you’re using your imagination, you are actually connecting with something real.

What you see now, in your external world, and what you can perceive in imagination are both the same substance. Both are equally real but are two different states of consciousness. The state of consciousness is the reality, and the external world is only a manifestation of that state, similar to putting on a VR headset.

If you consistently go into meditation and imagine your desire, your mind will begin to understand that the “inner world” is real, and this makes it easier for you to have faith in it. As you feel yourself into the state of your desire, you actually connect with it, and it becomes more tangible to you.

6: Manifesting Something Broad Instead

Rather than fixating on a particular outcome, maybe try and go for something more unspecific. I talk about this in my article on specific vs. general manifestations.

Sometimes manifesting something specific is just too hard. The first two things that made manifesting work for me were 1) to try and manifest something small and 2) to try and manifest something broad.

It’s a lot easier to have faith in the idea that “I am continually improving” than it is to have faith that “this particular thing will appear.”

Focus on things such as happiness, freedom, love, improvement, etc., instead of particular instances of these things.

Having Faith Despite External Circumstances

Perhaps the most difficult thing when manifesting is learning to ignore circumstances. The within or the subconscious mind always creates new conditions and circumstances in the external world. For that reason, it is totally independent of already existing ones. You can manifest anything you want, no matter how limited your present circumstances may appear.

The problem comes when you lose faith in the accomplishment of your desire because your current circumstances seem to keep you stuck. Because the inner power works totally independently of circumstances, this is a mistake.

When you end up dwelling on the limitations that your circumstances seem to impose, you impress “limitation” on the subconscious mind, and you thus re-create the same limiting circumstances. So the trick is to keep believing in your desire when the circumstances seem opposite so that the desire can keep “growing” in the subconscious.

I talk about this in more detail in my article on dealing with circumstances in manifesting.

Having faith despite circumstances obviously gets easier as your number of successes increases because you will experience firsthand how events magically appear out of nothing. But until then, you need to consciously keep your thoughts in check so that they do not dwell on the adversities that are in your way.

Remember that the within manifests the without. You can only change the shadow by changing the object that casts the shadow. No amount of lashing out or fighting against the shadow will do you any good.


Faith means loyalty to the unseen reality. Faith is the thing that gives strength to your desire, keeping it “alive” while it’s not yet manifested in the external world. You consequently must have faith in the manifestation of your desire for it to appear.

Faith comes from understanding and trusting the law of manifesting. When you have faith, you trust that the subconscious mind will create the desire, and you understand that your current limiting circumstances do not matter.

Your faith in manifesting will, of course, naturally come as you begin to see it actually working in your life. But if you’re still doubtful, understand that faith is often a matter of what you choose to habitually think. Sometimes we fall into doubt and worry because we simply forget what we are meant to do.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how much you read about faith; true faith will only come through practical experience. Simply TEST your imagination and TRY to manifest stuff. Do not be scared of failure, as it’s a necessary and unavoidable part of the process.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

Chris J.

Hi, I'm Chris. I have actively been practicing the art of manifestation for several years now, and have manifested many things in my own life. I have seen firsthand how powerful manifesting is, and how huge the result can be. On this website, I want to share my knowledge and experience from my many years of doing this and provide you with practical tips and techniques for the purpose of helping you manifest your desires and create the life that you want.

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