9 Manifestation Tips for Beginners

Today, I will give you some manifestation tips I wish I had known when I first started out.

Understanding Manifestation

First and foremost, to ensure we are all in the same boat, I briefly want to explain manifestation.

Manifestation is the idea that we can through the use of thought turn an ideal into an external, tangible fact. This is no doubt a deeply spiritual idea. As of yet, there is no scientific evidence for it, and most people would at best be extremely skeptical about it. It is something I believe, however, because I literally do it myself. If you are open to the idea of manifestation, which you probably are, having found this website, I recommend you try it yourself and let whatever results you get be the judge. My honest belief is that you, like me, will see that this actually works.

With that out of the way, let us continue.

1. Practice Every Day

This first tip is a simple one. Keep doing your chosen manifestation method every day, whether it be affirmations, visualization, or SATS.

A good strategy for beginners is this:

  1. In the morning, before getting out of bed, repeat an affirmation that implies general improvement or success, like “I am successful, I am successful…” and so on.
  2. During the day, set time aside to close your eyes, relax, and go into meditation. From here, visualize, affirm, or simply imagine or think the particular goal that you desire to achieve. If it’s money, imagine yourself now having the money, or that it’s now flowing into your life.
  3. At night, repeat the same “I am successful, I am successful…” you did in the morning. Do it in a relaxing, droning manner so that you lull yourself to sleep.

Now, this routine must be followed every day. Consistency and repetition is essential, as this is how an idea becomes permanent in the subconscious. Regular practice is the cornerstone of success.

2. Do Not Just Listen to One Source of Information

A great way to understand manifestation better is to listen to various sources on the topic. A popular teacher today is Neville Goddard (1905-1972), and many, for good reason, look to his advice.

The problem, though, is the limited understanding attained from getting only a single perspective on such an abstract subject as manifestation. When you begin pairing your understanding of Neville Goddard’s teachings with, for example, the philosophy and methods of Eastern spirituality, all of sudden you will more clearly understand the underlying subject that both were talking about. The understanding of one perspective aids in the understanding of the other, and a new, more comprehensive understanding is born.

My point is, do not tie yourself down into a single school of thought. Look around for other perspectives. The combination of multiple perspectives will reveal a great deal of insight that cannot be directly written down in a book.

3. Pair Manifestation With Hard Work

Starting to manifest does not mean you have to give up other goal-achieving methods like hard work and so on. This should be comforting to the person who has not yet learned to manifest on a consistent level but still wants to succeed and move ahead in life.

If you feel that you struggle with conventional manifestation methods, that they produce no results, and that you must inevitably stay stuck until you master them, understand that you do not have to put all your eggs in one basket. You can continue to do the goal-achieving methods that work for you while still learning and perfecting the various manifestation methods on the side.

In fact, as you succeed, no matter how you do it, it will leave the suggestion of “success” in the subconscious, which will actually make manifestation easier. Manifestation, as I talk about it here, really is about the deliberate and intentional use of the deeper subconscious mind, drawing new benefits from it, making it produce new results in your favor.

4. Ego-Strengthening Goals

The controversial promise that manifestation can produce direct changes in your external life is something most people do not believe as clarified in the first section. Even those who do believe, or wish to do so, will still have a great deal of innate skepticism until they experience its results firsthand.

Belief is important in manifestation. And therefore, if you find yourself doubting, try manifesting a goal that enhances something within the mind — more confidence, more conscientiousness, a more cheerful mindset, more motivation, and so on. No doubt, this is easier to believe.

By learning to manifest these types of things, faith grows, and so does your mastery of the method. The same method can thus be reused for greater and bigger goals, that would otherwise be out of reach for your beliefs.

5. Focus on the inner change — Not an Outcome

This is something I talk about quite often on here, but its importance cannot be overstated.

Obviously, manifestation is about creating new, favorable circumstances into our lives, or at least, making our present good circumstances permanent in the future. 

I will assume you probably have a goal in mind that you want to manifest. It may be that you want a dream career, a certain sum of money, to be in a relationship with someone, or another specific goal like this.

The problem here is this: if your overall state of consciousness is one of expecting failure, how are you ever going to succeed with any of these particular goals? You may say “I want to be a millionaire,” but if your state of consciousness is one of “Life always goes against me,” then there would obviously be a conflict between the state of consciousness and the intention. It would be like trying to swim against the flow of the river.

So, what I recommend is that, in conjunction with your goal to “become a millionaire,” you should focus on developing broad, overarching states of success, joy, and freedom within your subconscious. As you do, you are not going against the stream, but rather, pointing the stream in a new direction. You can now easily swim with the river, in ever-increasing achievement and fulfillment.

6. Begin Meditating

Meditation moves us in touch with the deeper layers of our being that exist below the conscious mind.

Any form of meditation is useful, but I suggest you simply start by closing your eyes, relaxing, and then observing your thoughts as if they were separate objects floating around in your mind.

Notice the fact that you have awareness. Ask yourself, what is it within me that is aware? But do so without trying to answer the question. As you will notice, there is an is-ness quality within you, but whatever this “thing” is, it is ultimately incomprehensible. This is the transcendent, unanalyzable residuum that the yogi’s call Brahman, that New Thought calls Spirit, and that we sometimes call subconscious/subjective mind, consciousness, awareness, or imagination.

It is a power that is both universal and individual at the same time; it is the god-in-man, the locus of universal power manifested as the individual being’s own consciousness.

Now, all this may sound strange at first, but as you start meditating you will begin to understand more clearly what many of the various spiritual traditions have talked about for centuries. In a more practical sense, you gain familiarity with the “innermost within” from whence all manifestation flows.

7. Remember “The Law”

You may have heard the term “the law” in manifestation. “The law” is basically this; the world of experience flows from consciousness itself. The without is a reflection of the within. The material world is nothing but a projection of a more primordial reality. In other words, we are dealing with a power that exists beyond circumstances and is not bound by them.

No matter the circumstances, this power can create new ones in their place. The mistake is in letting circumstances dictate what we can and can’t do. When you find yourself in unfavorable circumstances, lean on the understanding of the law. The control of circumstances is an appearance merely, and it is only our judgment of them that impedes us.

8. Let Go of Control

Manifestation no doubt implies a new degree of control. But a huge mistake is in trying to will and intellectualize things to be the way we want them to, through the use of the conscious mind. Conscious effort is fatal to success.

What we want is to get our mental constitution in order. The conscious mind must cease its attempts to rigidly control and manage things, as it is ultimately powerless in the face of the subconscious. In fact, constantly fighting against things, only leaves the suggestion of struggle, and more struggle is what you get in return. We cannot bend the universe to our will.

What we want is not to shut off the faculties of the conscious mind, but to put them in their place. Our only power is in choosing the ideas we dwell on, and even then, we cannot force a new state of consciousness upon ourselves.

9. Simplicity and Overthinking

In line with the former point, know that overthinking is also a hindrance. I will not go into elaborate detail on this as the former section explains it well enough, but I want to point to the fact that the subconscious is not controlled by the intellect of the conscious mind. Again, we run into the futile attempt to bend the universe to our will, which is impossible.

In practice, simplicity is extremely important. Visualization, affirmation, feeling, all these manifestation practices, must be simple and effortless. Anything else, to a lesser or greater idea, keeps one’s desired suggestion from taking root in the subconscious mind.


After reading this, you may feel more confident or you may feel that manifestation is even more daunting than thought. I promise though, it’s not as hard as it may appear.

What I want you to do now is begin practicing this in your own life, and see if you can get results. Not only is practice the only way to reap the benefits — to make manifestation more than a feel-good idea — but you will also learn so much more from your own experience than you will through any amount of reading. So, I urge you to start it now. If you don’t know how I recommend you read the beginner’s guide here. You do not have to do it perfectly, and you should never fear failure. Practice is part of the process. The important thing is that you keep going.

Below I will link some more articles that I think you may find useful.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, or feedback. Maybe you feel that I should improve my articles, or maybe you simply have a question about manifestation. I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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