How to Start a Manifestation Journal for Beginners

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How do I start a manifestation journal, and why should I? This is what we will cover today.

The Takeaway:

A manifestation journal is important in that it acts as a record, documenting your experiences and successes with manifestation. It’s a way to look back, reflect, and analyze from an objective, non-judgemental standpoint, often leading to the revealing of new insights and the noticing of patterns.

We will now look at how to set up a manifestation journal. It’s straightforward and easy to do.

What is a Manifestation Journal

Unlike a regular diary that captures daily events and feelings, a manifestation journal is a special kind of notebook where you write down manifestation-related intentions and experiences.

It’s a place to clearly state your desires, record your successes, construct affirmations, analyze mistakes, note down progress, and whatever else you may deem useful.

Though a manifestation journal is often ignored or brushed off as unnecessary, it is in fact a valuable tool for progress.

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Why Keep a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal stands as documentation for discerning the efficacy of various strategies in your manifestation attempts. It is record-keeping, used for analysis and reflection. Writing things down like this allows you a bird’s eye view of your mind; you get thoughts, ideas, and considerations out of your head and can look at them non-judgmentally.

It enables a straightforward evaluation of successes and areas for improvement and helps refine the approach.

By methodically reviewing your journal, you gain new insights into the mechanics of manifestation that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, and this allows you to adjust your approach to it.

Getting Started With a Journal

Starting your manifestation journal is straightforward: all you need is a place to write, whether it’s a notebook or on your phone. The choice doesn’t matter — what’s important is that you have a space where you can jot down your thoughts and goals. Pick whatever you’re comfortable with and start writing. If you are afraid that someone may find your journal, a phone might be the best option.

Suggestions for What to Include in Your Manifestation Journal

Desires and Goals: Clearly state what you want to achieve. Include why you think you are compelled toward a particular goal. (More on how to pick the right goal in manifestation here)

Affirmations: Craft and record personalized affirmations that you feel resonate with you.

Manifestation Approach: Outline your manifestation strategy. What methods will you use? How often will you do it? How long will you be doing it for?

Reflection: Regularly reflect on your emotions and experiences regarding manifestation. These are valuable as an introspective tool.

Failures: Record instances where manifestation didn’t go as planned. Analyzing these from a bird’s-eye view may provide unexpected insights and help you refine your approach.

Manifestation Progress: Keep track of your progress, noting any developments or changes that occur as you work towards your goals. This helps in maintaining motivation and understanding the pace of manifestation.

Successful Manifestations: Document your successes in as much detail as can be remembered, from start to finish, including both the positive and negative aspects of the manifestation process. This serves as evidence of what’s possible and a guide for future efforts.

Doubts or Worries: Writing down your doubts and worries diminishes their impact, making them easier to overcome. It’s a way of acknowledging them without letting them control you.

Be Honest and Open When Journaling

Journal with complete honesty. Expressing your true thoughts and feelings uncensored is important. Sugar-coating will not give you a true view, but neither will being overly harsh or critical of yourself. Write in a non-judgmental manner, jotting down your thoughts, and observing things as they appear to you.


Effective journaling is more important than one may immediately think in manifestation. By maintaining consistency, honesty, and regularly reflecting and analyzing your journal, you will in time find that it becomes a manifestation guide in and of itself.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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